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  1. Debbie - Sounds simple yet effective! Do you have photos?
  2. Call Michael - he has fit tons of machines!
  3. There is also the "clips" made out of 3" PVC vacuum pipe?! I think Doodlebug showed how in an old post, I think you can buy some too?!
  4. We always sell used items for 60-70% depending on condition. Since it's probably still in pretty new condition, you could probably go higher. I thought I heard they were going out or business? if they are out of production, I would guess that right now the secondary prices would be lower - but, eventually could be a little higher (as pieces/parts are harder to find)?! disclaimer: I'm not sure about Quiltazoid/Econozoid's business status!
  5. Gorgeous! the quilting and the applique! How did you do the square feather wreaths? Thanks for sharing!
  6. WOW! great fill - is this yours? because if it isn't you certainly must not be getting paid enough?!
  7. LOVE this! You do a great job! I like that fabric line too! Thanks for sharing!
  8. I LOVE it - your quilting complements it so well! Great fill!
  9. You have to share! I love those cornerstones - if that's just the fabric's print it really pops! I would suggest semi-custom - Linda's cool 3 petal feathers in the light pink borders, a simple overall in the blocks (something flowery or whatever your specialty is) look at "Latest Quilt" started by Janette on another post that looks free hand and very pretty and you could avoid some of the trims; and whatever you put in the dark pink border won't show alot (piano keys or that custom overall)? Where is Linda on this one?
  10. I have something like that that I always thought was for spacing button holes?! What a great idea to use it for this!
  11. Interesting fix Dixie! no one mentions, but you probably already know about a small piece of batting (i have a small square of foam) in the thread guide above it? I don't use too many different types of threads but I don't use a net at all on the metalics, nylons, etc. I also have a Swifty thread conditioner guide (on my other machine I put it between the cone and the first triple guide - but on this machine I put it after the 1st triple guide because there was a long span and the thread was just 'hanging' there. (look how dirty that lubricator gets from the thread?) you put a little sewer
  12. I am so sorry (have had your family in my thoughts!) hope you all have great memories putting those quilts together! What treasures, I was thankful to be a part of it! with deepest sympathy,
  13. Remember - you can get a stylus from Michael that fits your CL holder (front and back) and has a smaller tip for the R&S boards (and others I assume)! I like the way the CL stylus is weighted and drops directly into the slot - only having compared 1 other stylus that was a little flimsy (long time ago, probably don't make that one and have improved others!). I like CL and R&S boards!
  14. Thanks Pat - I will try that next time too! I too, feel like I would wear out the buttons, turning it off and on every time I need to reposition; and just hesitating doesn't always work because the sensors are so sensitive (which I'm sure we want?!)! I don't think I could depress the command button all the time though - maybe just hover near it, doesn't that make your index finger tired or cramped?
  15. Karen, what did you mean by the control/power button? I use that to start in RS but I'm unsure how you mean to use it when you hesitate stitching for a second?
  16. I love Circle Lord too! I have the R&S Baptist fan boards (already had them) and prefer their size! Doodlebug did a "freehand" Baptist fan once, it's under the topic: My 30s Swap is a Quilt Or just search for "doodlebug freehand Baptist fan" she has a link to her blog too, where I'm sure she included instructions for it.
  17. Funny Mandy! We used to occasionally watch 3rd rock from the sun and one day, my then younger daughter, blurts out "3rd rock from the sun, I get it it's the earth". So now whenever we say something wrong, funny, or duh?! We say "3rd rock from the sun?" Thanks Angela for the video, everyone has given great tips here - I haven't made many t-shirt quilts, but they can be so soft and fun - Some of my sons t-shirts were old and/or the design small, so we had to add borders around it to make them all the same size. We just used cotton, anyone do anything different?
  18. ohhhh - thanks! (duh) Try writing the alphabet? Draw squares or blocks on the fabric at home and try cc's and other things?
  19. I like these feathers:
  20. Do you mean that it's impossible to stop stitching in RS and hold it still enough that the sensors don't engage the needle? Because that happens to me, it's almost like the sensors are so super sensitive that you can't stop? It's usually just a hesitation while stitching but it's a pain sometimes? If this is what yours does, I'll be interested to see what others' say! I have adjusted my #8 because my machine would take another stitch when I hit a button to stop and it didn't seem to help the hesitation issue?