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  1. Oh Chris I think I had an email and message before yours - that was fast! I guess I'll have to check the times?!
  2. These came with my "new to me" quilting machine; haven't had a need for them and wanted to get something else, so $200 + shipping ($329 new) they are: 15" x 116" (queen I believe) 2 long and 1 shorter board. send me a message, reply here, or email at ckeindl2 at yahoo dot com (replace the at and dot - you know what to do!)?! Check in out: Thanks!
  3. Whenever I see your name in the forum, I anxiously click it hoping to see your latest work! Beautiful as always!!!! Love your book, did you ever put together your before and after's? especially those "difficult" ones - that would be amazing!
  4. So question Trinity Will your new tool work with CL and other boards from the back too? Hey, I'm in Utah, north of Salt Lake City - I'll have to look up where you are in Idaho, we've been considering Idaho as a place to move to?!
  5. Thanks! but I just bought them from Michael!
  6. WOW! Thanks for sharing - wouldn't mind even more photos! (look at all the ribbons too!), WOW . . .
  7. K - tried another cone of thread - same thing happens, it's a quilt I've been working on with a couple colors. So, I changed out the tension spring and it stopped! Thanks! the reason I thought it was the foot height is because I adjusted that in the middle of the quilt and that's when it started happening. Love this forum and thanks so much for your help!
  8. THANKS! So this "play" could be affecting my stitches because of the foot space? I will email Amy right away!
  9. Beautiful! You should be proud! That applique is so perfect it looks like it was printed! Thanks for sharing!
  10. Question along this line - about every 4-5 inches the top thread is a tiny bit loose (can't feel anything on the back) just the top stitch is bigger. Have done the usual - re-thread, tension checks, new needle, quilt sandwich tautness, tension guide at 8 0'clock, changed a pigtail, thread path, clean out bobbin area, check hopping foot to be sure it's level and keep trying to drop the foot to 1 business card height but after tightening, when I pull a little up and down on my hopping foot, there is a bit of play - somehow the "set" screw doesn't seem to be holding the foot in the right plac
  11. OMG! WOW! BEAUTIFUL! I can't think of anything else to say! Thanks for sharing!
  12. did you sell these? I was interested in the cable boards (if they have the several sizes?) I guess there are some newer or older cable boards - do you have a photo?
  13. Yeah! I'm looking for the rope/cable/corner long boards????
  14. Ditto what they said above! I started with a regular sewing machine on a Grace wood frame (eliminated basting but only quilted about a 5" width) up-graded to a huge stretch Singer (heavy!) then an Ultimate II (much better), then an Ultimate I (great!) BTW the I is newer/upgraded from the II - never understood that numbering?!, added regulated stitching to my Ultimate I (LOVED that) and now recently bought up to a Millennium. My advice is to look for an Ultimate II or I in your area and see how you like it first! Or a George if you are looking for a sit down machine. Also, the way I did t
  15. Incredible! Your quilting is superb (all the good adjectives were taken?!)!!! Is this appliqued or painted? I hope (doubt) you were compensated enough . . .
  16. Love that quilt! so pretty and "fresh" for lack of a better word! What batting did you use? Thanks for sharing!
  17. It would have happened to them eventually and who knows when? at least now, she can fix it before she gives it to them and while people can still "re-sign" it - I would cover some of those areas with another piece of fabric if it was me (maybe even red or pink heart appliques?! Try not to let it get to you - we all know how awful those feelings are!!!
  18. so sorry . . . have you talked with your friend?
  19. Yes we all are - but someone else must have received the call . . . . by now?
  20. Yikes! hang in there - you are on the right path but sometimes it seems like a quilt with so many problems causes you to question yourself?! Was any of the background fabric cut out behind the applique? For another problem like this, that might help! Good Luck, it is looking great so far! Maybe now is a good time to switch to the "interchangeable" foot if that will fit your machine?
  21. Welcome Joy! My husband is also a woodworker and I've sewn since I was 7 (still have the little doll dress I made in a bright big turquoise daisy!) we've been married 26 years and I've quilting with an APQS (started small and bought my way up to an 04 Millennium just a couple months ago) and love it! I'm cold too - but way over in Utah, 25 miles north of Salt Lake City (probably not as cold as you!) Nice to meet you!