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  1. I use Hugo's tape on my bar instead of painters tape to keep the quilting field straight.
  2. I have used this quite successfully, especially on cotton poly or all cotton batting. I do as Heidi does, buying lightweight fusible interfacing by the yard and cutting it into 2 1/2 strips. I have not noticed any change in the "hand' of the quilt. I have used it when I come up short on batting and use the belly bar as the base to iron on.
  3. It also looks like there may be some fullness in the blocks. Try to use a batting like PolyDown by Hobbs.
  4. After I advance the quilt, I use my ruler to "square up" several of the keys in the quilting field, then pin and adjust any fullness between the straight seams. \
  5. Oh Rita! What a difficult time you have been through! I am so happy to see you are back in your own home. Take care and God bless you!
  6. The applique look pretty large. Can you put some veins and lines within the applique to hold down those large spaces? I think that may work. That would not add too much quilting to the borders, yet hold down those large spaces. You may need to break up the space in the rectangular blocks. Not sure how long or wide they are. Just try to keep the quilting no more dense then center panto. Looks beautiful by the way!
  7. Libby, you get to quilt the most incredible quits! This one is beautiful. You made it really move around that swirl with the quilting! I just love what you do with them! Bravo!
  8. You are right as usual. Not every quilt needs to be quilted to death. This is a perfect example. Thanks!
  9. Wonderful Charlotte! I really like the two tone sashings. Great colors! The quilting is a great compliment to the design.
  10. Your choices are perfect for the quilt. They are going to love it!
  11. Bonnie, I lost my beloved Meiling this spring and I still catch myself looking for her evey time I come in the door. She always greeted me there.
  12. I used Superior Kimono Silk with Bottom Line. I did a lot of micro-stippling and it looked very good on the back.I almost always use some kind of Superior thread in my quilting.
  13. I did not take classes at MQX in New Hampshire as we had a pretty busy schedule with the quilts there. This time I am taking advantage of some teachers I have never had before. Lisa Calle, Sue Heinz and Judy Woodworth. I have taken lots of classes from Sue Patton, Deloa Jones and Jamie Wallen. They are great! I always look for any new oferings by them. Looking forward to some new ideas.
  14. I'm not going, but yes if you get the chance, you should take Deloas Classes. Great Teacher. She is teaching at MXQ in Springfield IL in the fall
  15. I'm so excited to be going to MQX in Springfield IL this September. We have attended the MQX shows in both Portland OR and Manchester New Hampshire. They are wonderful shows! I am so happy they have arrived in the Midwest. The teachers are great. Check it out! I have packed my days with classes. I hope I can find enough time to see the show!
  16. What a wonderful quilt! Our guild here in Ohio has a very active Quilts of Valor group. So proud of all who think of those who serve us!
  17. The attachment is on the way Vicki! Have a great time with your presentation.
  18. Wow, that is the perfect quilting for that top! Cables scare the heck out of me! Yours look so good.
  19. Vicki, Believe it or not, I have Sandra Darlingtons "Preparing your quilt top for the longarmer." Is this the one you want?
  20. I love that panto on the quilt! Very good choice!
  21. The following are two quilts that belong to two different customers. They each won a blue ribbon at our guild show this weekend. One is Applique Bed and the other in Applique Wall. There are some close ups in flicker. Not sure who won best of show. They will announce it at next Tuesday's meeting.<a href="" title="IMG_20140503_085553 by chrisquilt00, on Flickr"><img <a href="" title="IMG_20140503_085625 by chrisquilt00, on Flickr"><img