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  1. Praying for all in the path of this weather!
  2. I have a fondness for quilts with black as the neutral. Great Quilting! Love the McTavishing!
  3. Way to go Janice! We learn something by everything we do. What a great job! Don't you love Jamie!
  4. I really like the feather overlay in the Dresden blocks. I would not have thought of that!
  5. Ann, I love everything about this quilt! I love this style of quilting. Absolutely beautiful!
  6. Wow, I use my thread cutter to stabilize my rulers for short ruler runs. I never use it as a thread cutter LOL Someone will know what to do with your wires.
  7. LOL, I do the same as you Linda. I never use my thread cutter, but I would never remove it either. It is perfect for short run ruler work. I don't like the extra room the exteded base takes up, so I only use it if I have to.
  8. I does not appear to need any additional stitching in those small spaces. Looks great!
  9. Looks perfect for little girls. The sashing is great! I love swirls.
  10. LOL Vicki, I just might do that. I cracked myself up when, as I was putting this one together, I realized just how many, tooooooo many, I had made. In my defense, I did not have a pattern, just a picture so no real directions. I cook the same way LOL. Way too much because I'm afraid some one will go hungry.
  11. I love all things Jamie. The handles on his rulers fit your hand so nicely! I also really like the purple color. It sure makes it easy to find on the quilt top! I think I spend half of my time quilting looking for my ruler, scissors, marking pens, chalk, glasses...
  12. Dory, are you on Pintrest? Go to my page Chris Landis and there is a board called FMQ Log Cabins. Not a lot of pics, but there some good ideas I think.
  13. Thanks everyone for your nice comments! You know when we have our noses on the quilt we all know where the bodies are buried! I see every wobble and bobble. I just purchased the adapter foot for my millennium. I got my machine in 2000 and my foot is the older style. I can't wait to get this new foot installed so I can use my Lisa Calle rulers. Now I have to save for Bliss!
  14. Boy, all I can say is I wish that I had the Bliss rail system Sigh, maybe when I grow up. I saw a quilt on Pinterst quilted in a similar manner and knew it was a good place to do my practicing on circles and straight lines since this is my quilt. It is going into the Guild show anyway, wiggly lines and all. I need to do some more PPP..... When I made this quilt, I sort of OVER estimated the amount of fabric I would need. This was going to be a wall hanging LOL. It fits my queen size bed! And, I have enough leftover blocks to make a twin size. Geesh! IMG_20140421_122042 by chrisquilt0
  15. So pretty LIbby! Your quilting is always an inspiration!
  16. I love this LIbby!. I am a fill girl for sure and I love all the different things you did in each square. I have a quilt of my own that is similar, but with color. I may need to "borrow "some of your ideas. Hope you don't mind! Thanks for posting such great ideas.
  17. I love what you did around the baskets. I especially like how you extended the colored squares with the quilted ones. That looks great!. I can't wait to see the finished quilt!
  18. So Cute! I recognize those fabrics! I probably still own some of those! Fun post just before Easter.
  19. Our Guild quilt show is in two weeks. I have been quilting my brains out on customer quilts and I have finally taken time to play with my own quilts. This one is finished and another one is almost done. I fell in love with this fabric line by Basic Grey called Figgy Pudding. The pattern was a freebie put out by Moda. Thanks to Jamie Walen who gave me the courage to mix up all kinds of feathers in the fill. I used the straight lines to hopefully indicate cracked ice behind the colors. I used blue marker to mark the lines and did not want to fill the tub to soak the took i
  20. I had a friend that used yellow chalk to mark a quilt. Through lots of trials and tears, she finally found Shout Gel and was able to remove the chalk marks. You could recommend this product to your customer if she has trouble getting the marks out. I am with Linda. I never use colored chalk of any kind on my quilts. Only white. Also, I would not wash the quilt. No telling if she pre-washed her fabrics. Bleeding would open a whole new can of worms. Good Luck!
  21. I have an older Mille, and I am ordering the interchangeable foot so Dave Jones can install it when he is here for a Spa treatment in July!. I can't wait to have a real 1/4 in foot. I currently have the old flat pan style foot with an adapter.