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  1. About 5 years old. Haven’t really used it since I got my new Longarm with the M bobbin (Nov 2019) except to wind a few bobbins for my domestic machine. I tested it out, runs very well. You will see a huge difference in consistency between this unit and your Singer sidewinder. Had a friend a few years ago who got rid of hers, and tried to use an aftermarket winder on her APQS Longarm, and she asked for my help with tension issues, I had to run home and get mine to prove to her it wasn’t the LA, but the winder she was using. She went out and ordered a replacement from APQS. Expensive lesso
  2. Last time I looked they were selling for $350. You can have her for $175. If you’d like, make it an even $200 and I’ll throw in the TOWA bobbinguage for the L bobbin as well. Love the TOWA, I check ALL my bobbins before using. It sells for $70 everywhere.
  3. Hi, I have one for the L bobbin if you are still looking for one. My new machine uses the M bobbin.
  4. Sorry for the delayed reply. Yes it is still available. It’s wonderful. I was trying to find a machine shop to retro fit it. That’s how much I prefer it over the plastic Hartley base.
  5. New, never opened, in original packaging. I thought I had lost my Horizontal Dual Spool Holder when I moved so I ordered a replacement. I found my original one in another box - who hasn’t done that! So I am passing this one on for $65 including shipping and no tax to the lower 48 states. Sharon Prescott, AZ
  6. Unfortunately my beloved RulerMate does not fit my 2019 Millie. It is no longer available anywhere and is a fantastic ALL METAL perfect fitting base. I left it on all the time on my 2012 Freddie. It doesn’t wobble or shift, EVER. APQS redesigned the head of the new machines (I think in 2019) and the base is now a bit larger. The bottom of the base expander is machined out for a close fit. The width of the machined area is 3 inches, and the length is 7 5/8 inches. Please see pictures. This was developed by LoveToQuilt and sadly they are no longer in business. This is a very high qualit
  7. Additional info Title should be LIKE-NEW, not almost new. Less than 24 quilts have ever been done on her. Previous owner never got into it and I had it in our second home and didn't get there. We are downsizing to one home and prefer the slower paced mountain lifestyle. A new Millie is $18,900 WITHOUT ROBOTICS or additional options. Do the math. This is very reasonable for a machine with Robotics and tons of options! UPGRADED OPTIONS: Automatic Quilt Advance System ($1350 option) Professional Dave Jones auxillary light setup - tons of light over your entire quilt ($500 o
  8. Thank you, didn't get text. Cell/text number is 480-620-3526. Several people are inquiring about. Sooner is better than later. She's a beauty. I should keep her and sell Freddie. I will post later about her many upgrades. Sharon Harris Prescott and Mesa AZ
  9. Want to give you and your family a great gift? My hubby bought my 2008 Millie for me to entice me back to spend more time with him in the valley (Phoenix). I already had a Freddie (in the mountains). His plan didn't work out as planned. I stayed here. We enjoy the slower pace of the mountain community and are in the process of consolidating our two homes here in AZ to one in the mountains for retirement. I purchase my Millie second hand, the gal that had her before probably made 4-5 quilts on here.f Never learned or enjoyed the process, I suspect. I paid a bunch for an almost new ma
  10. Please contact me privately at driHeatAZ @gmail. Com no spaces to discuss.
  11. Good topic! Getting ready to do a quilt that needs SID for my granddaughter. I don't want to mess it up! The question is, do you recommend going through the entire quilt to SID and nail it down before quilting or just SID as you go along and advance as needed? Sorry for such a basic question, but I've been doing E2E designs, tons of charity quilts, and just now getting my toes dipped into custom quilting. Sharon
  12. I'm sorry Jim, but if you look at the timed responses, Cheryl responded first, before you did on the 27th. You were offered them a week prior privately and I declined the price you offered. These hydraulics were offered on our APQS forum, and also the Sew It's for Sale, IQ, and Professional Machine Quilting Yahoo sites all on the same day. You can imagine the number of responses that were sent. No hard feelings. Sharon
  13. Both Hydraulic lifts are sold pending pmt from Collette. Thanks Cheryl and Collette! You will enjoy your new babies. Thank you to all that inquired. Sharon
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