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    Debi reacted to Enchanted Quilting in Silk Roses   
    This was an orphaned project by a customer.  All of a sudden she was committed to getting it finished.  As you can see in the before picture there were waves and serious cupping.  You can't see it, but there was also a slash almost dead center of the piece...hence the center design.  I used bottomline thread and really quilted the snot out of it to get it to lay flat.
    Silk Rose - before by Charlotte Peterson Enchanted Quilting, on Flickr   Missy's embroidered wreath by Charlotte Peterson Enchanted Quilting, on Flickr  
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    Debi reacted to Oma in I call this "Randomness"   
    My grandson asked me last month to make a quilt for his girlfriend. My response should have been "no", especially since I had less than a month to do it and I've had such health issues lately. Ordinarily it would have been a breeze because he chose a very easy and quick pattern. Well, actually, there wasn't a pattern. He wanted triangles, modern and random.  He was very emphatic about the colors though...had to be shades of gray and one "Periwinkle blue". The blue was very precise. Do you know how many colors of Periwinkle blue there is? I played it safe and bought all Kona solids and the name of this blue is "Periwinkle". I should be ok.
    The hardest part was not to "arrange" it in some orderly fashion. They wanted the "randomness" of it. I finally took it off the design board...stacked all the HST in a pile and started sewing them together as they came off the stack. It drove me crazy. He has seen a pic of it and loves it and swears she will too. Well then, mission accomplished.

    I used Michael's Circle Lord board "Square Dance". I call it "Wonky Squares" so it sort of fits. I love his boards. I wouldn't have gotten this finished as quickly and nicely if it wasn't for the boards. I realized last night this is the first quilt I've quilted in almost two years. It's hard to believe. Maybe this will be a catalyst to get me working on some more.
    I have to get it in the mail today because her birthday is Sunday.  How's that for cutting it

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    Debi reacted to cegates in What's the WORST business decision you've made?   
    Here's the list:
    - not charging enough
    - buying a lot of tools and gadgets before understanding what I really need
    - not charging enough
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    Debi reacted to ffq-lar in What's the WORST business decision you've made?   
    I think my list is too long to only pick the "worst"!
    1. Allowing casual friends to become "besties" when they learn you have a longarm. And then letting the resentment build too long before putting a stop to it when they take advantage.
    2. Not charging enough. This is my forever and ever mistake.
    3. Spending too much time and energy when I get cold-calls from potential customers who are obviously shopping price. Now before I quote anything (and my prices are locally competitive) I let them know when my next opening is. If they're willing to wait, I consider them viable customers and we go from there. 
    4. Thinking that a quilt isn't as bad as it seems--before loading it.
    But I found out this week that an older Lonestar with horrible borders and very full setting triangles and squares didn't scare me at all. Luckily she wanted cheaper quilting so I was able to use some filler designs that sucked the fullness up and it came out pretty nice. That I wasn't upset or terrified by the fullness monster was very freeing!
    You've all suffered through my long posts expressing disbelief that "someone could do that". People are crazy and many times it's contagious!
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    Debi reacted to JeannieB in aack! what am i doing?   
    Today, i was doing some SID on a chevron quilt and had to get in one of those contorted positions holding the ruler in my left hand and driving with my right. When i got ready to slide the ruler down a little ways, i found i had sewn my long sleeve to the quilt. My seam ripper was on the table behind me where i couldnt reach, my scissors which are normally clipped to my collar were on the same table. Trying to wiggle out of that sewn down sleeve without ripping the quilt was quite creative! LOL! Hope i dont do that one again!!! :-)
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    Debi reacted to Mrs.A in The Quilt with the Dragon Tattoo by Nancy Arseneault 2014   
    Will now attempt to load photos of my new quilt: The Quilt with the Dragon Tattoo from the Tucson Quilt Fiesta last weekend.  My record with adding photos is not too good…hope this will work.
    When my husband became obsessed with THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO books & movies, I collaborated with tattoo artist Stephanie Davis to include my favorite quilting motifs (feathers, spirals, dots) into an original drawing of a Chinese dragon.  Then I turned the black & white drawing into this quilt.  It is machine appliquéd and was quilted on my APQS George machine with feathers, several traditional Sashiko patterns and some scribbling or thread painting.  Silk, metallic, cotton, rayon and polyester threads in all sizes (12 to 100) were used in the decorative stitching and quilting.  Started in January 2013, completed January 2014.


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    Debi reacted to JustSewSimple in Baby, It's Cold Outside !!!!   
    Do you love it as much as I do that the ship that got iced in had a team of scientists studying Global Warming!  Didn't hear much about it on TV did you? 
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    Debi reacted to meg in What will happen to your Stash?   
    I'm going to live to be 225 years old and use it all.
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    Debi reacted to o2b Quilting in Couldn't say NO   
    Late Saturday afternoon a gal from town brought in one of three memory quilts she is making and needs finished by the Saturday after Christmas.  I was planning on taking this week off from longarming as I have been working 7 days a week for the past couple of months to get everyone's Christmas quilts done.  I just couldn't say no to her...these are for her children but are not made from their t-shirts but rather from clothing of their father.  He passed away two years ago.  He was in his 50's and died of sudden cardiac arrest.  Another reason I couldn't say husband was in their wedding and played adult men's softball and basketball with this great guy for more than 10 years out of high school.  Her sister dropped off the other two this morning. 
    I am so blessed to have my parents, siblings, spouse and children all living and am gaining two new son-in-laws in 2014 !!  Life is good at my place    (But Mother Nature, you could be a bit kinder to my farming husband and boys in 2014)
    MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!!
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    Debi reacted to Von Roberts in Christmas and New Year Greetings   
    I know it is a few days early but as I will be out of computer range from tomorrow till the end of the month I did want to send everyone my Best Wishes for Christmas and the New Year.
    It is at this time of the year one takes stock of what has happened for everyone over the last 12 months. For some its not been easy with ill health, family problems and much stress.
    But there has also been much joy with new babies, birthdays, weddings and well deserved holidays. 
    You have generously shared ideas, givien others support, both personaly and professionally when desperatly needed and offered suggestions for both quilt and non quilt related questions.
    So take a bow, pat your selves on the back, you all are indeed a great bunch of caring and loving folk. 
    Much Aroha
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    Debi reacted to Enchanted Quilting in Turkey Tracks or Wandering Foot Redux   
    This quilt was a restoration project completed by a quilting friend of mine and myself.  You can see in the before pictures that this hand pieced quilt had some hand quilting done and then the quilter started taking some of the piecing out.  This was done in the 1980''s been in a plastic bag ever since.  The pins have left some marks (not as bad as it could have been) and there are stains both from ??? and from blue marker used in the 80's and never removed.  We have done the best we could for this 80 plus year old quilter that wants this to go to her son.  Bless her heart.
    Before by Charlotte Peterson Enchanted Quilting, on Flickr   Before by Charlotte Peterson Enchanted Quilting, on Flickr   Before by Charlotte Peterson Enchanted Quilting, on Flickr   Turkey tracks or wandering foot block by Charlotte Peterson Enchanted Quilting, on Flickr  
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    Debi reacted to ffq-lar in Spammer Frequency   
    Spammers must register and then be accepted before they post. Many pages of registrants are rejected by the term "validating" on their info. But it looks like lots are getting accepted. Admin accepts them so they're responsible for the new onslaught of spam. Some registrants are obvious--with weird combos of letters. Some are using normal names and getting accepted. I get up early (4am) and sometimes there are many spam posts. It seems more prevalent in the last three months. I don't have a clue how to fix the issue and glad I don't have to decide who to accept and who to reject.
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    Debi reacted to lisata. in I liked the idea - I quilted the pattern of the fabric   
    I found that wonderful very soft bed linen in summer and decided "just" to quilt
    the pattern in the fabric with a very soft poly batting
    I think it turned out great !

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    Debi reacted to Tamarack in Fantastic Thursday 11/7/2013   
    I'm knee deep into winter now and it will be like this until April!
    Finished this pretty braided quilt for a client yesterday and got to take pictures of it in the snow. 

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    Debi reacted to ffq-lar in Musings on the Houston Festival   
    *Thoughts after going to Houston for the first time.*
    There are a multitude of talented people whose art is unrecognized by the majority of the general public. 
    Houston is beautiful.
    If you go to Festival, don't arrive before the doors open. You will stand in a crush of femininity, amid a sea of perfume, and a noise level that reaches a shrill scream as excited ladies gear up to see the wonders of the show. Wait 20 minutes after opening and breeze in.
    Food is expensive and BAD on-site.
    Take a water bottle and put it in a pocket or bag as you enter. "No food or drink on the quilt show floor" but you'll need that water and the fountains are few and the water is not delicious. Water for sale at the show is waaaaaay at the end of the food area and $3 a pop.
    Bring clothes for every type of weather--except for "cool". We didn't have any of that!
    If you can, take an extra day and rent a car to visit the Texas Quilt Museum--about an hour and a half away. I'm so glad we managed to fit this in.
    Eat. Eat real BBQ. Eat real Cajun. Eat real Mexican. Eat real beef steak. We ate like pigs and at every opportunity. We had a native Texan with us and she was relentless with the restaurant choices. But I walked so much I actually lost a bit of weight!!
    Take the smallest bag/purse into the show and vendor area. Take cash, ID, cell phone, camera, and a charge card. Leave the rest at the hotel. After your first purchases are made, mosey over to a longarm vendor and they'll be happy to give you a nice big bag to carry your stuff in.
    Good deals were to be had on thread and batting. Fabric not so much--regular LQS prices mostly.
    The vendors were a great place to Christmas shop! There were lots of NQR vendors--lots of gorgeous jewelry, silver bell charms and pendants with sentimental family/friends themes, art and photos, clothing, comfy ergo shoes, etc. One of my group did all her Christmas shopping! The aisles in the vendor area were what you would consider "normal" which means there were massive crowds that stopped traffic on occasion.
    As for the show? Stunning. Humbling. Joyful--I saw some familiar names! Some quilts made you cry--some made you laugh. Many just made you stare and stare. How did they do that? Why did they decide that? Choose that? Make that work? Stitch like that? The space was great with plenty of wide aisles and space to stand back and take photos. The arrangement was not avenue-straight so you might miss a grouping--but coming back through you made sure you saw it all. You might hear four different languages at once as you all stared at a quilt. 
    Plan to stare at quilts for two hours, hit the vendors for two hours, and then rest for a snack and feet-up time. The show quilts stopped registering if I took longer than that. After a re-charge, quilts again and then swap again. I marked on the site map where I had visited and where I stopped. Each time we met up, my group would ask each other--"Did you see all the quilts yet?" and we always said no!
    Would I recommend a visit? It's a bucket-list must-go. Would I go again? Yep!
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    Debi reacted to yankiequilter in It was a very good week   
    My guild's quilt show was this past Thursday through Saturday.  The guild is located in a town with a population of less than 13,000, but there are three quilt shops and many very talented and creative quilters in the area.  There were approximately 300 quilts and quilted items entered in the show and we had an NQA judge for the show.
    I worked in the Judging room Monday through Wednesday and am awed by the process and wish I could have been in the judge's head when she was contemplating over some of the quilts and awards.  One of the quilted entries was a 3D village with buildings and trees and roads and signs, absolutely amazing.
    I am thrilled to have received two honorable mention and one second place ribbon on quilts that I entered and there were three quilts that I quilted for other individuals that also had ribbons.  The most amazing and humbling thing is that one of my quilts was chosen as the judge's choice.  I did not fully understand the significance of receiving this ribbon until I observed the entire judging process and I am honored to be the recipient.
    The pictures show the quilts hanging at the show in one of the country fairgrounds buildings, and the lighting is terrible.
    Buckeye Beauty was made to satisfy those in my quilty group who love '30s reproduction fabrics. 
    Blocks in the Victory Quilt were made by each of the other 11 members in my quilty group.  We passed our boxes from person to person each month, and at the end of the year we got our box back with the completed blocks.  I added a couple of extra blocks and assembled the quilt.  Blocks are from Eleanor Burns' Victory Quilts book.
    Oh My Stars is Judy Martin's pattern, Kyoto Gardens.  I was the project lead and quilted this quilt and the members of my quilty group participated in making the quilt, and it will be my guild's 2014 raffle quilt.
    Confetti is an original design that I started to teach myself paper piecing.  Long story..... it sat for quite a while, and I finished the quilting last year.
    Thanks for looking, I hope that I haven't bored you with all the details. 

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    Debi reacted to Sandra Darlington in Hi everyone....   
    I haven't been on here in ages! I have missed all of you, but now I'm back and here to give you my good news. If anyone remembers, last February I was diagnosed with uterine cancer. I had surgery in March, then I went through a series of radiation treatments. Then I "took a break" in August and went on vacation. At the end of August I started chemotherapy. I finished last week and according to my surgeon, who I saw yesterday, I am in remission.
    I still have many more scans and blood work and doctor visits ahead of me, but I am hopeful everything will be fine.
    I want to thank everyone for their many prayers and encouraging messages. I believe in prayer and it seems our prayers have been answered. Hugs to all of you!
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    Debi reacted to Brenni in What else needed with Circle Lord   
    I am currently using the swirls on a 60x90 quilt.  It will take 8 full passes.  I work from the back.  It takes me 10-15 minutes per full pass.  It takes 5 minutes to move it forward and start the next pass.  This includes nailing down the sides with stay stitching and changing bobbins.  I don't use pre-wounds. I change the bobbin on every pass to prevent changes in the middle.  (I wind the first bobbin then see what is left after the first pass to determine how much to put on the other bobbins.  This saves wasted thread.)  I will complete my top in a total of 3 hours.  I remember doing a queen size recently and it was less than 4 hours.  You do need a stylus.  I always position the boards after I load the quilt so that pattern lines up evenly on both sides.  I have 8 different CL boards and love them all. 
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    Debi reacted to ffq-lar in Vintage Double Wedding Ring quilt   
    My customer picked up this vintage DWR top at a local antique mall for $60. The fabric is vintage feed sacks with 1930's solids and everything is hand-pieced except the green four patches. One piece in an edge arc had a hole and she replaced with a scrap of 30's feed sack fabric she inherited from her mom. One or two arc seams were repaired as well. It has some stains and dye transfer from being folded on itself, but she'll use Synthrapol and a mild restoration soap to do the final cleaning after she binds it. Wool batting made everything so nice.
    I did an era-friendly flower design, a double leaf in the yellow football shapes and CC's over pairs of arc piecing. She's in love with it and so am I!
    Here's a link to Flickr. Arrow right when you get there for detail shots. Thanks for looking! I'm off to MQX tomorrow and so excited to see everyone!
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    Debi reacted to Liam in NQR Just for Laughs, Another Added   
    This is a good one you got to read!!!     (second story further in post)
    An old Doberman starts chasing rabbits and before long, discovers that he's lost. Wandering about, he notices a panther heading rapidly in his direction with the intention of having lunch.   
    The old Doberman thinks, "Oh, oh! I'm in deep trouble now!"    
    Noticing some bones on the ground close by, he immediately settles down to chew on the bones with his back to the approaching cat. Just as the panther is about to leap, the old Doberman exclaims loudly,    
    "Boy, that was one delicious panther! I wonder, if there are any more around here?" 
    Hearing this, the young panther halts his attack in mid-strike, a look of terror comes over him and he slinks away into the trees.    
    "Whew!," says the panther, "That was close! That old Doberman nearly had me!" 
    Meanwhile, a squirrel who had been watching the whole scene from a nearby tree, figures he can put this knowledge to good use and trade it for protection from the panther. So, off he goes.    
    The squirrel soon catches up with the panther, spills the beans and strikes a deal for himself with the panther.    
    The young panther is furious at being made a fool of and says, "Here, squirrel, hop on my back and see what's going to happen to that conniving canine!" 
    Now, the old Doberman sees the panther coming with the squirrel on his back and thinks, "What am I going to do now?," but instead of running, the dog sits down with his back to his attackers, pretending he hasn't seen them yet, and just when they get close enough to hear, the old Doberman says .......
    "Where's that squirrel? I sent him off an hour ago to bring me another panther!"
    Moral of this story... 
    Don't mess with the old dogs... Age and skill will always overcome youth and treachery! 
    BS and brilliance only come with age and experience.    
    I am in no way insinuating that you are old, just 'youthfully challenged'. 
    You did notice the size of the print, didn't you?
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    Debi reacted to ffq-lar in Houston - International   
    Me me me me!
    First time ever, very excited! 
    Four of us flying in on Oct 30th, three days of Festival, and flying home on Sunday.
    One of the group has been twice and the rest of us are newbies.
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    Debi reacted to pumpkinpatchquilter in Finished!! Detailed Custom on Depression Era Repro's   
    Oh my goodness I'm finished!!!  I love this quilt!!!  I took a million pictures because I know it's going home today...I wish I had made it!  LOL*  I'm so excited I have a custom order of totes to finish today, a quilting plan mock up to do for a lady for her two quilts this evening, shipping this quilt out this morning, a lady picking up a quilt this afternoon, and a quilt coming on Friday!  WHEEW!  But also - woot woot!!!  Let quilting season BEGIN!!!  YAY!  
    DSCN3630 by Valerie/Pumpkin Patch Quilter, on Flickr  
    DSCN3633 by Valerie/Pumpkin Patch Quilter, on Flickr     DSCN3638 by Valerie/Pumpkin Patch Quilter, on Flickr  
    DSCN3640 by Valerie/Pumpkin Patch Quilter, on Flickr  
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    Debi reacted to Borderline Quilter in Cassiopeia AKA Cassie   
    I'm in a bit of a rush trying to get sorted as Linzi, Ani and I are off to Festival of Quilts, Birmingham, England.....I know I'm always in a rush these days....
    Thought you would like to see this quilt, it's been a UFO for at least ten years, more info and lots more photos on my blog.....
    Cassiopeia AKA Cassie 1 by Borderline Quilter, on Flickr      
    Cassiopeia AKA Cassie 2 by Borderline Quilter, on Flickr   Cassiopeia AKA Cassie 3 by Borderline Quilter, on Flickr      
    Thanks for watching....
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    Debi reacted to ffq-lar in Updated border help for Proud Peacock in first post   
    Your brick wall is wonderful and the peacock is gorgeous!
    Any graceful feathers in the outer border would be appropriate. I would box the border design first to make it look more like a frame. (SID the seam and then a quarter inch out from that. Then stitch five-eighths of an inch in from the edge so there will be a quarter-inch of fabric next to the binding. This will work best if she is using the same green fabric for the binding.)
    Within that boxed area, stitch your feathers and either echo them closely or densely fill around. It will look like an ornate frame.
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    Debi reacted to sewhappy in If I do say so myself!!   
    My brilliant idea (if I do say so myself) ~
    I bought ALOT of nesting rulers recently and have been using blue painters tape to hold them back together~even tho it says no residue I have found there to be some the longer they being held together with the tape.  Yes a bit of OCD showing!  I  thought ~ Glad Press & Seal!!  
    Works wonderfully~no residue~they nest perfectly~and I can wrap them kinna like a sandwich & I can hang them on my peg board and they still stay together!
    Brilliant (If I do say so myself!)