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    Debi reacted to DawnCavanaugh in George giveaway   
    Congrats Kathy, and welcome to our APQS family! We're here for whatever you need help with. I got a chuckle out of where you and George plan to spend your your husband's gun room, and can understand why it will be a "Georgie" at your house instead of "George". Otherwise I can only imagine the headlines..."New man named George takes wife's attention, forces husband to put away his guns or else!" :)
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    Debi reacted to chattiekathy in George giveaway   
    Hello everyone!!  I'm a new member to this forum, and I am also The Kathy Gates that won the George     I'm so excited to become part of the APQS family!!! 

    Thank you all for the congrats!  Hoping that someday you too can be a winner of one of these awesome machines.  I sure hope that I can make quilts worthy of having the "Made on an APQS George" label. 

    Now off to get caught up on all my chores and get ready for my daughter and her famiy's 4th of July visit.   I have to move some of my hubby's gun stuff out of the way.  "Georgie" and I are going to live in there when she arrives.    YaY!!!! 
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    Debi reacted to ffq-lar in Selling Quilts ????   
    This is my new favorite quote, which I use when people tell me they can get a "quilt" for $100 at Macy's.
    "A quilt made in China is a decor item. It's made to wear out quickly and be replaced just like other bedding. A handmade quilt is an heirloom, destined to last many decades and be fought over by your grandchildren when you're gone."
    Who said that? Me.
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    Debi reacted to LibbyG in 50 year old quilt   
    This is the quilt that sat in a back room of a house for 50 years.  The grandaughter said it belonged to her grandmother's MIL.  She sewed the hexagons together and then laid them on the flower sacks and machine sewed them all around the outside edge only.  She wanted a pantograph, but I decided to quilt it differently and just charged for the pantograph.  Since the yellow backing wasn't big enough to pin to the frame, I used it for the binding.  Then I replaced the back with muslin. So fine on top and BL. 

    FG 1 by LibbyG7, on Flickr

    FG 2 by LibbyG7, on Flickr

    FG 3 by LibbyG7, on Flickr
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    Debi reacted to ffq-lar in Yet another Glacier Star--can you stand it?   
    Here's a JN Glacier Star in icy blues with a touch of purple.
    This is number six for me since a lot of my customers took a local class last summer. The first one terrified me--there isn't much open area for quilting so you're mostly just accenting the piecing--and there's a ton of that! After five Glacier Stars the biggest challenge is to quilt them all differently.  
    Thanks for looking and always making my day!

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    Debi reacted to RitaR in Yikes!   
    I too have seen this, and don't really like it.
    I agree with every thing she said, and ask
    if I can give then a couple of tips.  So far 
    no one has said no, and one can see the
    improvement in their work since.
    I can see it helped, so they put the tips to
    good use.
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    Debi reacted to ffq-lar in Customer conversation   
    As I was talking with a good customer today she told me of a conversation she had with her DH this week.
    He noted from the credit card statement that it looked like she hadn't bought any fabric the previous month. She mentioned she would like to use some of her stash on planned projects and he smiled.
    She then reminded him that all the "old fabric" she had in her stash was purchased at $8 to $10 a yard. New fabric was pushing $13 now so her fabric stash was doing better as an investment than their mutual fund or the stock market!
    Love it! 
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    Debi reacted to doodlebug in Quick Chalk Tip   
    if you use chalk to mark, you know what a mess it can be when it comes to refilling your Pounce Pad or chaco-liner.
    i found a solution!! i bought a cheap dye bottle from my local beauty supply store (less than a buck). i funneled my chalk in it and 'squirt' it into whatever i need to refill. it's a breeze to get that chalk into the top of that itty bitty chaco-liner. NO mess and it doesn't get all over (except when you try to do it one handed and take pictures at the same time )
    if you have multiple colors of chalk, buy a bottle for each color.
    i prefer to use white Miracle Chalk. it removes easily with a swipe or two with the old red velvet type lint removers, plus it removes with water or steam from an iron!! i have a thin tipped air soluble purple pen for everything else.

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    Debi reacted to JustSewSimple in Bet I win the prize!!!!   
    An 80 something year old lady brought me a top to quilt for her.  She brought the batting also - Fairfield.  As I was loading the Fairfield I was thinking it was much better than any Fairfield I had ever used before.  I backed away and noticed a flyer lying on the carpet "1984 poly-fill Quilt Contest"  So, I am thinking it was a quilt contest that was started in 1984 and still going strong.  Wrong!  The batting was from 1984!  You know, that stuff was pretty good way back then!  That stuff is nearly 30 years old! (As is the quilt top I am working on). The lady's daughter make the quilt top and died in 1984.  The lady wanted to get it quilted before she died too.  Anyone worked with batting older than '84?
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    Debi reacted to ffq-lar in Newbie needing advice:( Quilting goof   
    If you removed it from the frame, only remove enough stitching to give you room to flatten the fabric. You can hit it with some starch and steam to help suck up the excess fabric and reload. Pin it flat from the front and quilt away.
    If you're frogging on the frame, carefully pin-stabilize it and push the excess fabric around and re-quilt. It'll be fine.
    If you've fixed the problem, there's no need to tell your customer anything. There will be no evidence and a fixed problem is no problem.
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    Debi reacted to Primitive1 in Thread tip for dry winter areas.....   
    Great idea Ardelle!  I have been using a small crock pot and letting that go with the lid off in my room thinking that would help with static electricity while the heat is on but this is better yet for the thread!
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    Debi reacted to RoseCity Quilter in Thread tip for dry winter areas.....   
    Been meaning to post this for some time. Here in Alberta, we have very dry winters, compounded by furnace fans. Now add a store full of fabric that draws any remaining moisture.....
    In previous winters, I have a had a lot of thread breakage. At Christmas my daughter was home and brought her guitar out of her closet. The 1st thing she did was open the humidifier in the case up and add water to it. When she did this a light bulb came on in my head....I needed a humidifier for my thread drawers!
    So I got some baby food jars from a friend, cut some sponge and placed it inside the jar. I do not use the lid. Now I fill with water about once a week. If the jar tips over, the sponge keeps the water from running all over. Best part, IT REALLY HELPED reduce thread breakage!

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    Debi reacted to Busy Quilting in Please help me stick to my guns - advice welcome   
    I wouldn't be working for $10 an Hour, ask her to find someone at McDonalds that could do the work for that!
    Give her a quote for each project individually that DOES compensate you for all the time it will take you.
    Let her decide whether she wants to go ahead with them being completed.
    repeat after all of us
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    Debi reacted to barbm in Could Use Some Encouragement - Feathers and Frustration   
    Valerie, how long have you had your machine?  'Cause those feather are OMG Drop Dead GORGEOUS!!!  I know it's hard to see your own work in a positive light: I think we need a 12-step group - "Hi, my name is Barb, I'm a longarm quilter, and I am my own worst critic."  Seriously, we see what we've done and know just where every glitch is and it's well-lit and it's stretched out flat in front of us - and we HATE it!!  Everyone else loves it, but we don't hear that.  Just keep on quilting, and know that there are puhlenty of people out there who will pay you to do just those feathers on their quilt!
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    Debi reacted to delld in ANOTHER CL SWIRLS BOARD QUILT   
    This was pieced by Cynthia and Circle Lord Swirls Board was a purrrfect choice for this quilt! A great quilt for our island life here on Amelia Island!!!
    020 by delld1964, on Flickr  
    018 by delld1964, on Flickr  
    Thanks for looking!
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    Debi reacted to LibbyG in Infinity - a bargello WH   
    I used double batting on this.  The quilter said the pattern has colors that blend together, but she used what she had.  That's why she has the white, the orange and the red material in the quilt. I used different background designs.  It was the first time I tried the bubbles in the white and the swirls in the reds in the bottom of the quilt.  I just outlined the orange red color so it popped more.  Once again I used So Fine on top (501, 414, 530, 411 and 413)  and BL in the bottom.
    In the corners I wanted to do a feather motif by varying the sizes.  I was really pleased with this look.  If I do another quilt like this I would make the small feather in the center the entire size of the black.  I think it would look better bigger.  But at the time I was trying to continue the same design as in the corner with the stippling around it.
    She used a very thin red between the outside border and it was really sticking up after I quilted both sides.  So I hope it irons down.

    Infinity 146 by LibbyG7, on Flickr

    Infinity 153 by LibbyG7, on Flickr

    Infinity 150 by LibbyG7, on Flickr

    Infinity 156 by LibbyG7, on Flickr

    Infinity 157 by LibbyG7, on Flickr
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    Debi reacted to LibbyG in 2 Blue and White quilts - finished   
    One of my guild members likes blue and white.  She wanted waterworld on both of these.  The bargello was done with Superior Magnifico and the other one was Superior King Tut.

    waterworld (4) by LibbyG7, on Flickr

    waterworld (6) by LibbyG7, on Flickr

    Waterworld by LibbyG7, on Flickr

    Waterworld (2) by LibbyG7, on Flickr

    waterworld (3) by LibbyG7, on Flickr
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    Debi reacted to LibbyG in Stars Over the Prairie - finished   
    This is a quilt from Gathering Friends BY REQUEST book.  I made it for our guild scrap challenge using Hobbs 80/20 and Superior So Fine on top and Bottom Line. I wanted to practice making longarm feathers and this was the perfect quilt for it.  I used the quiltazoid for the border and some center designs.
     It was such a pleasure to work on a quilt that was prefectlly square!  So many times when I quilt for others and have border issues, I chastise myself for not keeping everything in line.  However, when I had time to do my own quilt, I realized that not everyone squares their quilts.

    Stars Over the Prairie by LibbyG7, on Flickr

    center by LibbyG7, on Flickr

    top by LibbyG7, on Flickr

    corner by LibbyG7, on Flickr

    corner border by LibbyG7, on Flickr

    back by LibbyG7, on Flickr
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    Debi got a reaction from meg in Winners for the batik strip-swap! Photo added   
    Hi Linda,
    Finished my quilt top last night from the strip swap.  I am in group 2 and received my strips on Feb. 8 and finished 33 days later.  The pattern is called Rising Stars and is a strip club pattern from Cozy Quilt Designs.  This whole experience was really outside my comfort zone as I like to organization placements of colour but I didn't even try.  Really like the results.  Thank you so much for hosting this swap.  I will definitely take part again!

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    Debi got a reaction from quiltlover03 in Winners for the batik strip-swap! Photo added   
    Hi Linda,
    Finished my quilt top last night from the strip swap.  I am in group 2 and received my strips on Feb. 8 and finished 33 days later.  The pattern is called Rising Stars and is a strip club pattern from Cozy Quilt Designs.  This whole experience was really outside my comfort zone as I like to organization placements of colour but I didn't even try.  Really like the results.  Thank you so much for hosting this swap.  I will definitely take part again!

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    Debi reacted to JustSewSimple in looking for techniques   
    I'd just lay down until this notion passed.
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    Debi reacted to Joma in tuur in de natuur   
    hello quilting friends,
    for my great nephew, Tuur, I did a babyquilt, inspired by frank-n-friends free pattern from Herny Glass, I made "tuur in de natuur", for quilting I used the fabric as a guide, I think it came out beautifull, dots, leaves and animals are popping, for the borders I did CC, even the horizontals lines come out great, without any Bliss.
    Because I'm pleased with the result I entered this quilt in the weekly quilt contest of quiltinggallery, ,please if you think it is a great quilt, will you vote on my little quilt, thanks for looking

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    Debi reacted to lisae in NQR Prayers, Please UPDATE   
    Kelcey does NOT have pulmonary hypertension! Praise God! The angiogram ruled out a couple other things, too. She has to go back for an echocardiogram to figure out what is going on, but it's not any of the big, scary stuff! Thank you all for your prayers!
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    Debi reacted to Dyan in fantastic Thursday 3/21/2013   
    This is what I have been doing today.....not quilting, but sewing!  When I was a teenager, my mom made me a frog and I believe it was filled with rice.  I really loved that frog.  All of these years I have looked for that pattern or a frog like that, even asking my mother's sisters if they had the pattern.  One of them had it, but couldn't find it after all of these years.  I was driving through our little town and saw a yard sale sign and decided to stop by.  And this is where I finally, after all of these years, found a frog just like the one I had when I was a teenager!!  I bought it, took it home and took it apart.  It was filled with milo, not rice.  I bought a 50 lb bag of milo from our local farmer's co-op and just finished making 7 frogs for my grandkids for Easter.  I can hardly wait to see what each of their reactions will be! So, here is a picture of frogs on my deck!

    IMG_4292 by DyanCT, on Flickr
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    Debi reacted to Quilting Heidi in NQR Jumpers for the girls   
    I'm not getting much quilting done lately but I found it necessary to make a few jumpers for Kailey and Sophia.  Their first official matching outfit from their Nana.  I had the hardest time finding matching shirts for under them and didn't want to have to sew them too.  Time is just not my friend these days!  I'm very pleased with how the jumpers came out and can't wait to see them on them.  I thought you might like to see them too.