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  1. That is just cute with the fruity colors and cool white!
  2. Your modern border is perfect for that pretty quilt! I will try to remember it because I am liking modern more and more!
  3. Just lovely. The lady that pieced the original blocks would be so happy the work of her hands was finally finished so beautifully.
  4. Sometimes all a baby quilt needs is a little fast free hand. The balloon fabric inspired me to make up a new free hand. After a little practice on paper, I just did it! My client and I loved it. The other free hand of flowers, leaves, spirals, and feathers is a favorite free hand that I do a lot because it is just so pretty. .
  5. Yes, judges look for starts and stops. They also check to see if the stitch length is consistent, stitch in the ditch is in the ditch, and backtracking is invisible. They also check to see if the density of the quilting is consistent across the quilt. Do the quilting designs enhance the look of the quilt and do the thread choices enhance the quilt. Straightness of the edges and borders is also checked. I have been in many judging rooms in different shows. The judges are all taught to look for certain things and then it gets down to what quilts are in the category and which ones stand out on that day, at that show. And sometimes if the judges are n a good mood I love quilt competitions but the judges constantly surprise me with their choices!
  6. What a fun quilt and the quilting just adds to the party! I like modern quilting more and more!
  7. I have several gentle s curve rulers that I use for spines for feather borders. I use the ruler to sew the spine and then do various free hand feathers coming off the spine.
  8. Just WOW and congratulations! Think of all the quilts you can design with all your Accuquilter prizes! You may need to have a cutting party so you can play with your new toy and have friends sew some of the quilts!
  9. Yes, I agree with Zeke. Call APQS the wheels with the yellow inside them start acting up and throwing off the smoothness of the stitching. Installing new wheels is fairly easy but you do need help balancing the machine as you take off and put on new wheels. Good luck!
  10. This quilt should win a cuteness award for sure Quilting can just be so much fun!
  11. Love the quilting and how you let it keep it's vintage charm!
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