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  1. Bonnie Hunter has patterns on her sight to use old shirts. Some patterns are free others available for download and of course she has books with patterns. Maybe you could get some ideas there.
  2. I agree with too much pressure on the ruler. I had that problem in the beginning also. If you have not solved the SR issue I would suggest calling Dawn at APQS. She has been very helpful when I had different issues. I know this problem was discussed quite awhile back but can't remember what to do about it. There is a bit of a learning curve, but everyone is very helpful here and at APQS. Hope things are working out soon.
  3. Will you be posting the classes Deloa will be teaching.? I took classes from her several years ago at the MQX show in Portland. She is a good teacher and I have many of her rulers.
  4. I love this pattern by Bonnie. I picked out fabric from my stash also but that is as far as I got. Your colors are perfect and I like the way you quilted it. It really adds to the pattern. Great memories with you and your granddaughter. Maybe she will be inspired to quilt someday like her grandma.
  5. There is a quilt batting made by Quilter's Dream for baby quilts. It is called Dream Angel. It is fire retardant. It comes in Select or Request. I would recommend Select as the Request is thinner. I suppose if you want it puffier you could use one of each. I find the Request in all of there battings tends to stretch more on my longarm. I read that there Request is more for crafting. Hope this helps.
  6. Thanks Barb. I wish Seattle wasn't so far also. It sounds like you have some fun classes and you are always so helpful. Yep, I will miss her. I finally got this quilt on I wanted finished for this Thurs. but hopefully she will come back and happy and ready to play. I must say Angie has been great.
  7. I received the parts for Matilda on Thurs. Today was my day to work on her. When I took the back off I found the problem was worse than expected. After emailing pics to Angie she said Matilda would have to return home for some TLC. So she and all her new parts will go on a road trip.
  8. Some Days I was glad my Millie came with the thread guard!!!
  9. I have the red snappers. I do really like them. I don't bleed as often! I will tell you that when you first get them they are a little stiff. At first I wasn't sure I should have ordered them but as I worked with them they were better. As Mary Beth said Renae Haddadin has great instructions and youtube helps. Also as Lisa mentioned I too make my back a bit longer so the leader part goes under the bar. Because I baste my batting and then pin my top to the batting and backing I can take the quilt off and put it back on with the red snappers without too much trouble. If I know I am going to turn the quilt I make the sides a little wider than usual also.
  10. Yes, you are so right about taking before, and during pictures. I just got the notice delivery is for Mar. 31, so it will be a while before she is running. Thanks for the encouraging words.
  11. I have the Circle Lord and I like the system. I have no knowledge of the others however. Hopefully someone else can give you input on others.
  12. I guess my Milly, Matilda, is not mad at me. She really is ill. Angie is sending me some circuit boards to replace the bad ones. Hopefully Matilda will feel better. Again, thank you for your responses. I have to say the service for APQS machines is fantastic and quick. I will post how it goes replacing the parts is case it may help others in the future. I live on the west coast so most likely it will be next week before I get the parts.
  13. Mary Beth I have not had to adjust the #8 screw thing. Liz that is exactly like what mine is doing. Hopefully it will be an easy fix like yours if that is what it is. Angie did just send me and email so I will see what she has to say. I will let you know what I find out in case it may help others. Thanks for the responses.
  14. Maybe she is mad at me for not playing with her more!!!!
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