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  1. Need to get in touch with him. Can't seem to reach him by phone or text. Tried Deloa too. Just need to find him please. Thanks
  2. Hello, I have an Ultimate 1 with an 11ft table but it can be swapped with another size table. It's with Dave Jones so I'm sure he could get you the size table you want. Please email me at jennlefore@gmail.com or call me at 972-979-2907 if you are interested.
  3. 4fore

    Calling Dave Jones

    Does anyone know Dave's address? I need to mail him a letter.
  4. 4fore

    Calling Dave Jones

    Did you ever hear back from him? I've been trying to reach him for a few months and he hasn't responded. He's got my Ult I and has had it since May 2015.
  5. It is still available. I'm accepting offers. Please call me at 972-979-2907
  6. It is still for sale. it's a 1994 model. I'm in Texas but it can be delivered most anywhere in the US. Please call me at 972-979-2907 to discuss.
  7. Hi Debbie, I'm interested if you haven't sold it. Thank you Jenn Wilson
  8. Jan if you're still looking, I have an Ultimate I with 14ft metal frame. I'm in Keller. I just sent it in last Fall for its spa day. Please call me at 972-979-2907 if you would like to come see it.