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  1. Hello Do you know what the viscosity of the Zoom-Spout ZS011 Sewing Machine Oil is? Thanks
  2. Hello What wd-40 do we have to use? wd-40 specialist or normal wd-40. Thanks
  3. I need the cuts. I'm making a background from an edge and it does not have to sew on the applications.
  4. New experiences with the qp He is sewing a drawing, this drawing has cuts, he makes the finishing points well, and suddenly, instead of sewing the next section, he only trace the drawing, DOES NOT STICK. What is happening?.I stop the machine, repair the drawing, and re-sew well. Suddenly again, in another place, stop sewing and just trace the drawing .....
  5. ooh It is not oil !!!. Look at the photo, on the other canvas there are repeated spots where the glue stick, which they use at the factory to glue it. What can I clean it????
  6. Hi, I understand that they are aesthetic, but I do not like my clients to see oil stains on the canvas, because they may think that oil can fall into their quilts. I do not want any stains where it should be clean. Thanks
  7. The canvas of my millenium has been stained with oil from the machine. How can I clean it? I tried to clean the area and shrunk the canvas by the water.
  8. I have read that these wheels should not be cleaned with alcohol. I clean them with wadding.
  9. Cleaned every day before starting work
  10. Hello How often do you have to change the M & m wheels? I have an 18 month Millie. I have recently turned the wheels around, but again, they feel the "bumps", I guess I have to change the wheels. I thought they lasted longer. Are you the same? Thanks
  11. I have looked all that Dawn Cavanaugh told me, it's all right, I have also pushed the encoder, and continues doing wrong stitch, not regulate, what I can do?
  12. Hello, I put the answer here too, can be helpful for another user. 1.- It seems correct tension. 2.- Botton Line. 3.- Superior Thread. 4.- Length is small because it is a small block
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