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    Sandra Darlington got a reaction from LinneaMarie in charge for starch and steam method?   
    I like that suggestion. It seems that about half the quilts I have gotten in the last few months have all been very difficult quilts. I need to buy stock in starch and probably soon a new iron, at the rate I am going.
    That's a nice way to word what comes to my mind, as I refer to it as a PITA fee, but would not call it that on my invoice.
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    Sandra Darlington got a reaction from Gail O in Need HELP with stitch length indicator   
    My update is that today I spoke to Angie in the service department.  She asked me a number of questions and thinks I have two bad circuit boards.  I have them on order and should receive them on Friday.  Hopefully, I will be able to install them!  Also, hopefully, they will be the fix I need to get up and running again.  
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    Sandra Darlington got a reaction from quilterkp in Just for Fun...Improbable Quilting Business Names   
    What about "Rech-It Quilting Service?" A play on Linda Rech's name.
    Linda....I hope you are laughing at this. Your quilting is stunning, so it is not meant as a description of what you really do. (((Hugs.)))
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    Sandra Darlington got a reaction from Mary Beth in Quilts for APQS members   
    That's awesome!
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    Sandra Darlington reacted to LisaC in Bright baby quilt   
    I love to stitch in the ditch to keep blocks and pattern neat and not have seams that look distorted; I stitch designs right over it. Your quilt looks great! You will find many opinions on SID and ultimately, you own it and get to decide. There is no wrong answer. Here is a photo of one I tried not to SID and then went back and did it because of the distortion. The dark side was already ditched before stitching the pine cone.
    Pine Cones before Stitch in Ditch by Lisa C., on Flickr
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    Sandra Darlington got a reaction from Quilta93 in Ripping out almost entire lap quilt   
    Bonnie has been a wealth of information over the years!  
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    Sandra Darlington got a reaction from delld in Ripping out almost entire lap quilt   
    Bonnie has been a wealth of information over the years!  
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    Sandra Darlington got a reaction from mswings in Ripping out almost entire lap quilt   
    Bonnie has been a wealth of information over the years!  
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    Sandra Darlington got a reaction from Mary Beth in MQS was disappointing   
    Very interesting comments about the quilt shows.  I used to love going to shows - Houston, Paducah, MQX (went to both New England locations, depending on the years), AQS in Lancaster, Mancuso in Oaks, Hershey (can't remember if AQS or Mancuso) and now rarely go to the shows.  I do try to go to the one in Oaks, although somewhat less exciting each year, but it is local.  No long drive or flight and no hotels.  But, I never seem to like their classes, with the exception of Lisa Calle's class that I took last year.  
    I don't think APQS has been represented there (in Oaks, PA) in a few years, although I might have the shows mixed up.  I do see Innova's represented "everywhere."  In fact, most of the longarm quilters in my area have switched to Innova's.  Any thoughts on this?
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    Sandra Darlington reacted to GMALKB in New Milly !   
    I'm giving you all a better chance to win the new Milly, as I made a deal today to trade mine in on a new one !     So, I won't be entering any more..........  I am so excited.   I have loved my older Milly and decided it was time to move up to the new one.   Can't wait to get her set up and start playing...........I am near Des Moines/Carroll, so they will deliver and set up for me..........maybe as early as next week sometime.   I spent most of the morning finishing up a quilt I had in progress and taking off the extra gadgets I can use on my new model............the micro drive handles, etc.   
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    Sandra Darlington reacted to srichardson in Need quilting ideas for Judy Neimeyer's Bali Bedrunner, please!   
    Glad to hear that you are doing well.  I understand the spending too much time on the computer!!
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    Sandra Darlington got a reaction from Oma in Need quilting ideas for Judy Neimeyer's Bali Bedrunner, please!   
    Dory, Your quilting is lovely; thank you for the pictures.  That is most likely how I will quilt it, too.  I feather "everything."  
    Sue, thank you!  I am doing well.  I'm in remission (from uterine cancer, diagnosed in 2013) now and have gone through the surgery, radiation and chemo.  Still "issues' come up, but so far, "I'm hanging in there."  I started spending so much time on my computer that I didn't do much of anything else, so decided to ween myself away from some of the forums.  I have missed my APQS friends, although do see many on FB.  I'll have to check in here more often to talk to everyone.  
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    Sandra Darlington got a reaction from T Row Studio in Need quilting ideas for Judy Neimeyer's Bali Bedrunner, please!   
    Terry, thanks for your response and your suggestion.  I'll check that site now.
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    Sandra Darlington reacted to srichardson in Need quilting ideas for Judy Neimeyer's Bali Bedrunner, please!   
    Hi Sandra,
    I can't help you with the quilt but it is good to see you back on the forum again.  How are you doing?
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    Sandra Darlington reacted to DoryJM in Need quilting ideas for Judy Neimeyer's Bali Bedrunner, please!   
    Hi Sandra,
    Not sure if this is the same pattern, but I've done both the quilt and a bedrunner.  I'll attach a couple of pics for what I did.  Also, here's the link to the blog post so you can see more photos in detail, if you want. 
    This is for the bedrunner:  http://crazyhorsequilting.blogspot.com/2015/02/carolyns-bali-wedding-star-bed-runner.html
    This is for the quilt; http://crazyhorsequilting.blogspot.com/2014/10/debs-bali-wedding-star.html
    I can't figure out how to attach a pic...sorry!
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    Sandra Darlington reacted to T Row Studio in Need quilting ideas for Judy Neimeyer's Bali Bedrunner, please!   
    check out rose city quilter she has done some may get some ideas from her. please post pics when you decide what your doing I have two king side coming my way soon.
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    Sandra Darlington got a reaction from Wannabequilter61 in How did you first meet and then how did you fall in love???...With Quilting, that is!!!   
    Great stories! I guess mine is also very similar. My Grandmother (Mother\'s mother) was a quilter. She pieced on her sewing machine, and then hand quilted. She belonged to a quilting group that met at her church and the ladies all sat around working on the same quilt. My grandmother was an excellent hand quilter. My mother was really not a quilter (although she did a few - also, hand quilted). My mother and grandmother always sewed clothing. My grandfather worked in a mill near their home which dyed woolens which were then used for men\'s suiting. We always had plenty of wool from the end of the bolt; all the odd end pieces. So, growing up I had lots of wool jumpers and skirts, also jackets and coats. My mother also bought "pretty" fabric to make my clothes out of, too. At an early age I was taught to sew clothes. My mother also did lots of knitting and crocheting, rug hooking, crewel work, needlepoint, cross stitch, everything. She is also a great cook. She loved to can blueberries and tomatoes and lots of things during her younger years. She is 90 now.
    So, when I was ready to move into my very own apartment, I started to buy pots and pans and other needed items. At that time I also bought my own sewing machine because a girl certainly couldn\'t survive in an apartment on her own without one. I sewed all the curtains, tableclothes, etc, and also lots of my clothes. I knitted, crocheted, etc, just like my mother.
    Well then marriage and my own kids. I sewed for all 5 of them, as well as the knitting and crocheting.
    I thought about quilting, bought a few nice "coffee table" books, but decided it looked too hard. There weren\'t any directions in those books, just beautiful pictures of exquisitely made quilts.
    Years tumbled by. About 5-6 years ago a woman I was working with brought a quilt in she had made for a wedding present for a relative. My interest peaked! I asked her lots of questions about how she made it. She insisted it was easy and said I would definately be able to do it with some instructions, as she knew I could sew already. About that time a quilt show was at the Ft. Washington Expo Center, nearby. I decided to go and get a look at some quilts. At that time I really thought quilting was a rather dead art. I didn\'t know anyone who quilted, except Betty. Anyway, I went to the quilt show, not expecting to see very many people there, because who was interested in quilting? Well, was I shocked! I had to park so far away from the Expo Center that they were running shuttle busses from that lot to the door. There were thousands of people there. They weren\'t all 90 years old. Many were quite young and interested in quilting??? Oh, boy were my eyes opened that day.
    I walked around looking at these beautiful quilts and felt I would never be able to make anything like them in my wildest dreams.
    I told Betty about my experience and she suggested I take a class. A class? They actually have places that teach you how to quilt? Duh! Was I out of touch!
    I signed up for a 6 week class at a local quilt shop. I never new there was such a thing, either. I had only been to fabric shops with fashion fabrics.
    After half the class session was over, I grew restless; it was moving too slowly. Betty lent me directions for a very easy pin-wheel quilt - lap size, and I went out and bought fabric to make it. I finished it in a week and took it for show and tell to week 4 of my class. I had also bought half a dozen books that taught how to sandwich the quilt and how to make and sew on the binding. My classmates were so excited that I did it on my own. I was hooked at that moment. I finished that class, but by the time it was over I had made an additional 2 baby quilts for show and tell, plus the top from the class.
    Oh, and at week #2 I bought a Bernina. I had an old White and decided I needed a brand new machine to quilt with.
    Well, 5-6 years later I have made hundereds of quilts, table runners, wall hangings, jackets, etc. I have 4 sewing machines and a serger, so much fabric that I\'ll never be able to use it all, but I continue to buy more anyway, bins of batting and thread, 2 bookcases of quilting books and a pile on the floor in the corner of my sewing room, stencils, many rulers, the list goes on and on. I also have tons of yarn and needles, hooks, books. My husband really thinks I am out of my mind! (He reads and watches TV - no real hobbies.)
    Now I am totally obsessed with getting a LA. I went from wanting a Millie for about 3 years, to wanting a Lenni when I read about it last spring, to now wanting a Liberty. Well, I am still saving as I try to figure out how to fit one in my sewing room. I have to get tons of fabric and yarn out of here to get a LA in. Lots of logistical problems, but I\'m working on it while I try to resist the urge to buy tons more fabric since it will just take up more space and the money should be put in the bank towards my LA. What a struggle to walk by a beautiful piece of fabric - especially when it\'s on sale!
    Well, that is my story. It comes out on paperback next month. (Sorry it was so long.)
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    Sandra Darlington reacted to chickenscratch in IMMEDIATE HELP NEEDED   
    The number on the new ones matches a package of 8 for $52.00 on Amazon. My guess is somebody got some off brand ones and put in it.  We went ahead and put the new ones in and repacked the gear box grease, cleaned and oiled everything really well. Now Lenni looks brand new and purrs like a kitten instead of barking like a dog. I'm happy. Best birthday present in the world- a grown son who will take the time to come work on a quilt machine.
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    Sandra Darlington reacted to ffq-lar in Quilt values are rising   
    My guild sold a wall hanging to a local bank for $1200 and we were happy to get it! 
    I commend this quilter for elevating the standards! We all know that she doesn't really want to sell that pricey one. A rule of thumb for our quilt shows and whether you want to sell your work--price it high enough that you won't cry if it goes home with a new owner. Some members put sky-high prices just so they can keep the quilt. One year a member put $1100 on a pretty 30's repro quilt and was heartbroken when someone bought it. She thought it was priced high enough that it wouldn't sell!
    Corporations and governments have a budget for art and maybe she thinks she'll get a bite. More power to her!
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    Sandra Darlington reacted to Primitive1 in Guild Presentation   
    Oh Thanks Chris and Sandra!  Chris I sent you my email and thanks for forwarding Sandra's presentation to me so Sandra I think I have it now!  But  again, thanks everyone for jumping in and being so willing to share and help!  You all are the best!!!!
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    Sandra Darlington reacted to Bonnie H in Christmas Panto Suggestions, Please   
    Holly Berries (Lorien) -- FAIRLY EASY
    Echo Holly Poinsettia -- EASY (Pattern Man but ordered from Digitech)
    Winter White Snowflake -- I found it harder to steer my machine through this one (Nolting not APQS) (Pattern Man but ordered from Digitech)
    Poinsettia -- EASY (Urban Elementz -- I special ordered a 10" size)
    Christmas Peace -- EASY (Beany Girls -- ordered through Willow Leaf Studios)
    O'Christmas Tree -- EASY (Urban Elementz)
    Tree Top -- REALLY REALLY EASY  but lots of advances on a big quilt and needs to be on a big quilt to see the design. Not really one I'd want to use again because it's just too big (Willow Leaf Studio)
    Holly Ribbon -- REALLY REALLY EASY (Nancy Read, ordered from Digitech)
    O'Christmas Tree -- if you are okay doing little circles, this would be okay to do (Willow Leaf Studio, Jodi Beamish version)
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    Sandra Darlington reacted to Lynn W in What to do?   
    Went with an outline of the flower that slightly goes into the yo-yo to tack it down.  Thank you for the suggestions.  Much appreciated.

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    Sandra Darlington reacted to chickenscratch in A very funny for the day   
    I always wear heels and pearls to sew, don't you?  LOL
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    Sandra Darlington reacted to Bonnie H in A very funny for the day   
    Here's a photo that was on my cousin's Facebook page recently!

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    Sandra Darlington got a reaction from Beachside Quilter in Guild Presentation   
    Hi Vicki,
    I haven't been on here in ages and tonight I jumped on and read your post.  If you can send me an e-mail, I'll reply with the attachment for you to use and adapt to your needs.
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