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  1. We are mostly longarm quilters so we don't baste the quilt off the frame. If you are using a domestic machine, or a sit down machine such as George, your basting method is what worked for me. Truthfully, if I had known that longarm quilters would baste my quilt when I was doing them on the domestic..I would have taken it to one.
  2. Sounds like that would be a viable solution...more dense quilting. Also heavier thread like Omni.
  3. I think that is entirely possible, especially if the quilt has no batting and is being sat on while on a surface that has some "give" to it, like a mattress, couch or chair.
  4. That is the most excellent suggestion ever.
  5. So sorry about this. It has to be terrible. Hope you feel better soon.
  6. Zora can you tell me more about the machine for sale in the Kansas City area that I saw on the form?

    1. Zora


      It's a 2003 APQS Millenium.  Never used in business.   Has power fabric advance.  Well maintained and serviced a year or so ago with very few quilts done since then.  14 foot table.  If you are interested, I would suggest you call APQS and get the value of the machine.  They hold their value very well, so this will not fall into the 5K range.  Once you get the value from APQS, and if you are still interested, I will give you her contact information. I don't know her asking price and I don't know what extras she may have.  I know she has Red Snappers for loading the quilt and expect they will go with the machine. 

    2. fbaldwin


      Thank you so much for replying.  I am looking for newer model and bliss track.  Again thank you.

    3. Zora


      You are welcome.  Good luck in your search.

  7. Where are you located? I know of a machine for sale in the Kansas City area.
  8. I am 5'3", own a Millenium..no Bliss..but with Quilt Glide. I do heirloom quilting with tons of stitch in the ditch. I manage my Millie just fine. In fact I just tried out Bliss and am on the fence about it since it seems to "slop around" too much for me. I can do the majority of my SID without a ruler because Millie tracks perfectly side to side and front to back, no ruler necessary. The machine does not seem heavy to me. It's on wheels, after all..and moves with two fingers. But you should try them all. In 8 years, not a single issue that I couldn't easily adjust myself.
  9. I got sets of zippers from Linda V. Taylor and canvas from Walmart. Cheaper than Quick Zip System. You can also find the zippers elsewhere on the internet. The canvas does need to be surged, though, so keep that in mind if making your own. I can't remember what comes with Quick Zip system..other than the zippers being labeled. I found instructions on the internet on how to make them. I like my zipper system.
  10. That bar is on that machine for a reason. In our longarm group we have floaters and pinners. Floaters had more problems keeping the quilt square than pinners. The only ones I float are small quilts or ones that are horribly out of square to begin with. Curing all piecing problems is not my job. However, many new quilters have floated tops and come to the bottom of the quilt and realized they have a pronounced frown to the bottom border..or they have 4 inches of extra border fabric to ease in. It is not a technique for the inexperienced in my opinion. Yes, floaters "can" keep the quilt square. You need to ask yourself if you are experienced enough with "how" to keep it square during floating. My position was the few minutes I save by not pinning is not worth the extra work required for a float. But whatever works for you.
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