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  1. If the price wasn't decided when dropped off and edge to edge wasn't what was decided also and this person knows that you did custom quilting then I would charge accordingly to what you have for custom quilting. I have charged .025 per square inch and a set thread charge and if I ironed and clipped thread that too is charged. But most importantly what is your work and time worth to you?? This is beautifully done. well worth more than .05 per inch! Good luck
  2. You did fantastic! I love everything about it!
  3. I may be incorrect but you should be able to get the manuel for your machine from apqs by just giving them a call. and you can also view youtube and the apqs site for video instruction good luck.
  4. so anxious to find out who won!!! Good luck everyone.
  5. can you post some pictures and where are you located?
  6. what is your asking price? Do you still have the boxes it came in? will you ship?
  7. That makes two of us at least who don't have longarms. I am trying to quilt on my Janome ist easy though. Good luck everyone.
  8. I really love it, Fantastic job. Keep doing it it becomes easier the more you do it. Beautiful quilt and quilting.
  9. fbaldwin

    Scissor holder

    Lol I thought the same way before I saw the video by Dawn. I know when I had my Millie I read through my manual but I sure didn't remember this part. I did try putting my laser there but I couldn't figure out how I could use it that way because I wasn't smart enough to make a work table to hold the stencil! LOL would have been nice if I had. I'm a slow learner. I loved the video and everything else all the gals at APQS do to help us learn.
  10. Jim can you post some pictures of the machines for everyone to see I think that will help you a lot. God Bless you.
  11. I love it! I don't like to piece at all just do the quilting but you have given me an incentive to piece something this nice for one of my grandchildren. I really like the simplicity of the piecing you have done and also I like the quilting you choose to quilt it with nice job. Now keep at it.
  12. Its gonna be fantastic when you finish.
  13. Perfect! How much are the tickets? May I ask what the pattern is?