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  1. I love this! The colors are terrific, too.
  2. Hi, Everyone, It's been ages since I have been on. I missed seeing everyone's work. It is amazing how the bar has risen in such a short time. I see some gorgeous work on here. Here are a couple of quilts I have done recently. I have been a little busy with other work, but I am quilting as much as possible. This is a client quilt done recently for Sandra. It is the Fire Island Hosta queen done with 80/20 Hobbs and Sew Fine. Also shown is a client quilt for Loide that won an Honorable Mention in Dallas. They were both a pleasure to quilt and I consider myself lucky to have been able to be the one to quilt these beauties. I look forward to being back on the forum and seeing everyone's work again. I get so inspired on here.
  3. Bonnie, I just did the exact same thing earlier this week. I taped them onto the bars at intervals and then went back and filled in the gaps. Then I actually pinned them together to check the evenness. The zippers weren't The same direction for me to be able to zip them together. I rolled them back and forth several times to straighten them out. It seems like they had to settle a little bit. Have you seen the Gammill video? I went by this somewhat and winged it. They are straight so it may have been beginner's luck. I think the rolling helped immensely, though. I'd love to know how this goes for you. http://andrewsgammillnorthwest.com/product/zippered-leaders/ Sharon
  4. Cagey, This is a customer quilt. I only needle turn my own appliqué so I don't run into the problem on my own quilts. It is an interesting article, though. Everyone who has answered, Thanks so much for all of your suggesestions. The problem was not the needle gumming up . The problem is the fusible being so thick that the needle flex is the problem. A larger needle and a super slow hand is doing the trick. I will post some pics when I finish. Thanks again! Sharon
  5. Thank you all! My needle isn't gumming up, and the thread is not breaking at all now. Just a few stitches missed here and there. I'm just going slow as Christmas like Charlotte suggests. It gets more wobbly that way, but it is the only option. I'm trying a larger needle tomorrow. Whew! Sharon
  6. Hi! I am quilting a piece that has some appliqué fused down but not stitched down. She asked me to just tack these down as I quilt the quilt. My machine is balking at the fusible. Missing stitches and sometimes breaking the bobbin thread, but usually not. I have tried 3.5 and 4 needles, quilting very slowly, but then of course I get wobbles. Help! Is there something I should know that I'm not experienced enough to know? :/ Thanks in advance! ANY help is appreciated. Sharon
  7. Linda, That's a great idea! I will first try to smooth it and if not, I will do so. Great idea! Sharon
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