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  1. Happy Monday how did your Panto work this week-end?

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    2. jameel


      Sounds like an awesome way to spend a birthday! Lucky lady!

    3. jameel


      Hi Terry!

      I looked up Purple Katz last night on FB and saw all your collages. They are gorgeous! I had no idea that could even be done... and never heard of the fabrics you are using. So much out there to learn about! It looks like a super popular idea, given how many folks want to learn about it. I cant blame them cos if i lived in AB i would so want in on a lesson aswell. 

      Your houses quilt is amazing (have I told you that already?) And such an honor to get on the cover of the magazine (you had mentioned it in your phone call, but now that I have seen it with my own eyes it has become real for me).  Dreams come true?! Your years of hard work and perseverance have paid off. I am thrilled for you!

    4. T Row Studio

      T Row Studio

      Yes it is like a snow ball rolling down the hill getting bigger and bigger and fast also. I am working on four more classes at least right now. It is very time consuming oh well ride the train while is going through I guess. then I will jump off and get back to reality LOL


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