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Blocks coming from California City, California

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At Last! To all my internet quilting friends.

My blocks, plus 1, will go in the mail on Monday. I hope they fly to you quickly. Susanne and Maree I hope the tide is going the right way :D so they get to you super fast.


Coleen O'Kane

Jen Ward

Karen Lesueur

Margie Wakefield

Jolene Kneemiller

Bonnie Botts

Bobbi Brady

Jeanne Rumans

Shannon Kratochvil

Bonnie Russel

Roberta Wright

Laura Hendrickson

Susanne Hughes

Rita Kilpatrick

Maree Ratcliff

Cindy Lowe

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I can hardly wait, its been awhile since my last squishy package.

I'm heading out this afternoon to get the fabric I ran out of to finish mine. This has been so much fun, but I'll be glad to have mine in the mail. I feel guilty if I work on my other quilt tops.

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It is great to hear someone knows where I am. I think you were talking about Tehachapi, thats where the apples are in the mountains. Unfortunately I live on the desert floor. Almost 40 years now. Love the skies, sunsets, cool spring air, clean smell etc. Many, Many people have been at EAFB and China Lake Naval Weapons Canter and then rotated out to other bases. Lots of great people come to the area because of the bases. We love our military and civilian servants...

Anyway, good to meet you Julie


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