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Which end up on panto


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I know this is silly but I'm still going to ask.

I just bought a couple of pantos. From the back of the

machine, where does the narrative part go, on the left

or the right.? The narrative is the copyright blurb and

author that seems to be on all 3 of my pantos. I get so

turned around with these pantos.

The back of the machine... the top of the quilt... the panto

goes .... and my head is spinning.

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I don't think it matters unless there is a pattern with an obvious right-side-up, like "heartstrings"...you wouldn't want the the hearts upside down on a quilt that has a top and bottom...for instance, I did this design on a Colonial Lady quilt, so the hearts had to be a certain way.

Otherwise, I don't think it matters...although, I seem to arrange them with the words to my right-hand side...just habit, I guess.


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I usually line up from the right, so I am moving to the left...although I can go either way, it just seem easier to start on the far right, and move left. If the pattern is simple, I can advance, re align, and then go back.....difficult pantos I always move the machine back to the right, then advance, re- align and go again.

Cheryl in Iowa

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I found that I always line them up on the right so that you can read the writing. That way they interlock and are easy to follow.

Most Pantos are drawn to connect near the bottom between repeats but if you start your rows from left to right, I would place the Panto upside down to get the same flow of it. Hope that makes sense. Some people start left to right but I always go right to left (from behind)

I also mark my Pantos with how many inches of quilting I can do with my most used thread. That way I know how many rows I can quilt before I run out of bobbin thread. I always like to finish at the end of the row and not splice into it in the middle. Time is Money. Jurgen

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