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Dawn C - Hook Retaining Finger

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In a previous reply to Charla about her top thread knotting you mentioned to look at the hook retaining finger.

I have just looked at mine as I have been having some problems with skipped stitches.

I would say that mine only extends into the area for about a quarter of the distance. It only just seems to stop the bobbin case from revolving by about a millimetre.

There also seems to be a lot of rotational movement in the bobbin case is this normal? When raising and lowering the needle by hand you can hear the bobbin case hitting the hook retaining finger.



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Hi Lyn

I think the position of the hook retaining finger inside the hook assembly sounds about right. Its hard to really tell the difference between 1/4 of the way in and 1/3rd. You could try moving it in the tiniest bit though if you want to but I don't believe this is causing your skipped stitches.

Do you mean there is a lot of rotational movement in the hook assembly basket (the black teflon part). The bobbin case doesn't move when you lower the needle in the hook assembly. Have you removed the top plate and looked down into the hook assembly area? If you have do you see the hook assembly moving forward?

You should have some side to side movement of the hook assembly but no back to front movement. Try removing the top needle plate and looking down into the hook assembly area and holding the outside chrome part area of the hook assembly, try moving it front to back - there should be no play. Now try holding the shaft that the bobbin case sits on inside the hook assembly (the black piece) it should move the tiniest amount front to back but not enough that the cut out section that the hook retaining finger slots into touches the hook retaining finger.

I'll be home first thing tomorrow morning then in the afternoon. Its 9pm now so probably a bit late to ring.

Best wishes

sue in australia

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