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Computer Quilting Machine

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Hi happymountain mom.

Hi I have the Compuquilter and it is awesome and easy to use, Also soooo easy to disconnect to use my Millennium without the CQ. For example if you do a motif with the CQ and the want to go and do background filler or some free hand work just unscrew 2 knobs.

I sent you an email to answer some questions for you as well.


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Welcome Happymountainmom,

I just purchased my APQS in November and Just had my Compuquilter installed last week.

I can't say enough about the machine. I love it.

The CQ is really easy to use and there are some really great pattern designers out there for the software.

The APQS is lighter than other machines and maintenance is easy on you as well.

I'm very proud to be a APQS owner. Test one out as soon as you can. You will know then what a great machine it is.

The Stitch Regulator is awesome.

Good luck in search for the right Longarm.

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I too am interested in the compu-quilter. I currently own a A-1. But my question is how many customers or how many quilts would you consider, compensating in buying one of these? I know they are quite exspensive. I work around 60-80 hours a week quilting.

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I LOVE the CQ!! It makes my life sooooo much easier!!:P

I had my first CQ on an A1, so am familiar with the combination. I have to say though... that the CQ is much sweeter an an APQS machine because I now have the best of both worlds. I still do a lot of freehand work in conjunction with the computerized quilting, and I am waaaaay more than pleased with my Millie/CQ combination!!!:D.

I am one of the original CQ dealers and can tell you that it just keeps getting better and better as new capabilities are developed- ***By the way, all software program upgrades are free to CQ owners. The Boundary feature is awesome as we can put the actual block (area to be quilted) on the computer screen and rotate, size, and flawlessly position the design for the perfect fit inside the block while it is on the computer screen... before actually quilting!!!

WOW! 60 to 80 hours a week quilting!!! Your quilting time would be cut dramatically if you owned a CQ--- Just think no more trying to resize paper patterns to fit a block, no more marking for "custom quilt services", and you can even sit and watch the CQ do all the work when you are doing all-over designs.

Well, I could go on forever about what the CQ can do... but won't! You really need to come and test-drive a CQ to see for yourself how sweet this addition is!

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