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Removing blue marker

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I have never had any trouble removing blue marker by just spraying tap water on it. (Really I use distilled water . . some places have rusty tap water). However, please note that I pre-wash all my fabrics in Shaklee Basic H and Basic L. My friend, who uses detergent and fabric softener had a terrible time getting the blue out of her quilt, so I can only attribute the differences to our washing technique. It is also possible that she did NOT pre-wash her fabrics and so they contained manufacturer's sizing which responded poorly with the blue ink. I have never had a bit of trouble doing it my way. I also had no problems removing the blue ink from a hand-quilted whole cloth (which obviously had not been pre-washed). I put it in a large pillowcase and put it in the machine with BL & BH.

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MIGO, for those of us who quilt for others, we're never quite sure if/how the fabric was washed so we need several backup plans for removing blue markers. Personally, I've never had a problem either but you know what will probably happen tomorrow!

Marie, here's Sherry Rodgers Harrison's recipe that I seem to like best. Even though I've never had problems removing the markers, since reading Sherry's method, I've chosen to use it just in case . . you never know when there might bea problem!!;)

Originally posted by SherryRogers

Hi Ramona

Here's what I do....go to Dairy Queen and order yourself up one of those yummy Blizzard ice cream treats. After your done, you will use the pretty pink spoon to measure the amount of baking soda that you put into a spray bottle. I personally use a garden sprayer that holds 40 oz. of water and the pretty pink spoonful of baking soda. Pump up the sprayer and mist those Mark B Gone marks away! There is no need to soak the quilt but if you have and you have already spread the puddle of blue clouds, you may have to soak the entire quilt in a tub of cold water. Oh and the best part, that ice cream treat and the plant mister are 100% deductable. The IRS didnt even pick up on the fact that I have a large Blizzard once a month! LOL

Hope this helps!

And, in the future, it's real easy to remember how to find the recipe -- search for "blizzard"!

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