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Well I recieved my IMQS in the mail today. I cannot wait to take some of these classes. I didn't get as many as I had hoped but maybe I'll find some spots when I arrive.

I wish I could have a quilt ready to take. I'm bogged doing other peoples quilts. lol

OH well I was warned it might happen. I'm going to have to find a way for my own quilting time just as soon as I can. I'm getting caught up this week. I might have to take fewer quilt tops.

Another local quilt shop asked me to do some tops. I'm really excited about it. So far my best and return customers have been the quilt shop referrals. I'm very blessed so far. Only one Quilt returned so far that I didn't do. Everything works out for the best. One door closes and two more open. I love this QUILTING STUFF. Don't YOU!!! lolol

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Yes Tammie, we love it & we love *YOU* too! :)

Be sure to stop by the booth & give me a hug!!

I am jazzed about my MQS quilt, first one I have done for myself from start to finish in a very long time!

Remember to make time for your self, it is rejuvenating!:P

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To tell the truth Judi I wonder myself.

The truth be known I take naps at my shift job. lol


Tonight for instance I am at work 6pm till 6am tomorrow morning. Me and a coworker look out for each other when things are quiet. Sometimes it is not possible. I monitor Units form Computer Screens and when things are going good I take a CAT NAP. lol

Otherwise I would have dropped dead along time ago. lololol

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