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Cost for t-shirt quilt - 2009


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I've searched back through old posts, but I would like to know what folks are currently charging to piece and quilt t-shirt quilts. I've done online searches and found everything from $10/shirt (no sashing) to $25+/shirt. I know that location/market plays a big part in what folks will pay. I'm in the metro-Atlanta (GA) area.

I am making a few shirts for friends to get a sense of how long it takes me to get one done from start to finish.

Thanks for any advice.


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Here's my pricing:

* T-Shirt Quilt

- Wallhanging T-Shirt (9 shirts) - $250+

- Wallhanging T-Shirt (12 shirts) - $300+

- Twin T-Shirt (20 shirts) - $500+

- Full T-Shirt (25 shirts) - $600+

- Queen T-Shirt (30 shirts) - $700+

- King T-Shirt (40 shirts) - $900+

I have more info on my website: http://soquilts.com/pricing.aspx

I custom design each quilt around the size of the designs in the shirts and add sashing and borders. This takes longer than making everything a 12" block, so I price a little higher than average, plus I live in the Washington D.C. area, which has a high cost of living and people willing to pay for something unique.

Good luck!


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Thank you for your response, including your website. Your prices seem to be in line with where you live and with custom work. The two I've done so far have also been custom. They do take more time than simply cutting everything to the same shape/size. I'll visit your website and write back if I have more quiestions.

Have a great day.


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