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I'm writing to share that Superior Thread is truly a "Superior" company. Yesterday I was working on a customer quilt and having a terrible time with some Rainbow thread. It was breaking every few inches, and I had tried every trick I knew, plus some swearing, and stomping.

I called Superior Thread and asked for help. The person designated to help me wasn't available to answer the phone, so someone took my name and number and Bob himself called me back. He had me try a few things while he waited patiently on the phone. When those things didn't work he had me put on a different cone of Rainbow which was fine. He determined that I had a bad spool of thread and sent me a new cone of the color I needed overnight UPS!!! The new cone of thread works flawlessly!! I couldn't be any more pleased.

I have always been pleased with Superior Thread, but I believe this kind of service, in addition to their wonderful products, is what makes them "Superior"!

Sue K.:)

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I, just today was having problems with the rainbow Superior thread breaking alot . Was too late to call for Help , so thought I would check the forum tonight . So glad to know who to call for help .

I was using a green varigated it was breaking every few inches , yes I did the bobbin test , even tried loosing my machine tension . Nothing work . Thanks to this forum I will call Superior threads tomorrow . :D Thanks again for posting .

Carol ;)

apqs millennium [sweet dreams]

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When I use Rainbows, I skip at least one hole in the three hole guide. I also make sure that I have a netting thread sock on the cone. That thread is so slippery that it will not feed evenly without the sock.

Cathy in NC

Quilting Cowgirl


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I am using a smaller cone of threadand will put it on the horizontal spool holder, moiunted near the4 front of the machine on top, if anyone can tell me how to thread it. Do I just skip all the holes and go directly to the tensioner, then follow as usual?

Anne in FL, finally starting to get the hang if it

Moonrabbit Quilts

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Hi Anne -

When I use a spool on the front horizontal spool holder, I still go through

the 3 hole / thread guide right above the tension disks. My problem is with

my cord always bumping into the spool. Overhead wiring - still gets in my

way! I do tape it to the top of my machine head now and then, but that

just looks bad - otherwise is is hooked around my spool holder when not

in use.

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