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Money Magazine Best Places to Live in the USA

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Gone Quilting, I'm chatting about anything.

Exciting news! My home town -Livermore, CA. was rated the 2nd best place to live and California and the 31st in the whole country! That is no doubt because we have a lot of really great quilters! Come see us here in Livermore, CA. and stop by to demo our great APQS Longarm Quilting machines. The Arlen Ness Custom Motorcycle showroom is right up the way, we have tons of golf, spas, winery's, and great quilt shops!



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I used to live in Marinez I know Livermore as a small town- I imagine it has grown in the last 10 years?! My favorite stompping grounds were Thimblecreek in Walnut Creek and The Cotton Patch in Lafayette!! Though I never did get to meet Alex Anderson but i understand she shopped alot at Thimblecreek and does'nt she own a shop in Livermore??

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One of our wonderful Millie owners owns a quilt store in Martinez! Main Street Quilts.

Livermore is still somewhat small? Roughly 80,000, is that small - okay, maybe medium now. Yeah, we used to be known more as a small country town with the "Worlds Fastest Rodeo". It still is and draws a crowd let me tell you! Now we have grown quite a bit. There is an official Livermore Wine Country organization devoted to promoting the now 30 or so winery's. Many olive orchards as well. The downtown is almost complete with a new revitalization. When I first moved here there was not many places to eat. Now we have many high end and family restaurants. John Madden deserves a lot of credit as he has invested heavily Livermore. Many more great improvements, I don't want to bore you anymore!

ThimbleCreek has down sized. Still a great store. They always have great teachers!

I LOVE the Cotton Patch! They recently renovated. You would not believe that little store!

I've met Alex a couple of times! LOL! The shop in Livermore is actually owned by a couple of really nice ladies, Melissa and Leslie Emery. Alex does teach there once in awhile. You would LOVE her! www.inbetweenstitches.com


Thank you KnotKnut! Stop by and see me sometime!

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You're right, Livermore is a great place as I used to live in Los Gatos, but who can afford to buy anything up in No. Calif anymore, you have to have owned a long time to live there. With the prices up in the North, Livermore shouldn't grow too fast. But admit it, anyplace in Calif is pretty nice to live...


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Let me know when you'd like to come by. I sure do sell them!

All of the "Moderators" are representatives for APQS. We educate and sell. I'll show and tell you everything about our great machines, and you can take a nice long turn too!

Quiltjunkie, talk about afford, Los Gatos is up there too! You're right, it is hard to afford a house in No. Ca. Yeah, we've been here awhile. I bought my first house here in 1989. We'll see what happens. Livermore is very careful with building new housing. We have a lot of land devoted to scenic and urban growth boundaries. Guess that is good for property values! If you can avoid traffic, California is a pretty nice place to live. I love Palm Springs! Great Golf!

Buzzard, you're on there too?! I'll check it out! So if we come to Sugar Land, can we come over?! LOL! You'll have quilters lining your whole street!

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Guest Linda S

Better watch it Cheryl! Eugene was highly rated some years ago and now it's getting so crowded here I can hardly stand it. You might have hordes of people moving your way now. There are some down sides to living in a great place! ;)


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Hey Linda!

You are so right!

Depending on what list you look at, the cites vary.

Eugene is #21 while Corvallis hit #10!


"Most bicycle-friendly city. Orange County Register newspaper named Oregon State University its best Pac-10 Conference campus. Hey we made the World series!

The Corvallis School District made Offspring Magazine's list of the top public school systems in the country in 2000.

In 1996, a Parade magazine article rated Corvallis one of the 10 best cities in which to live.

A 1995 study by Vegan Magazine ranked Corvallis as one of the 13 best towns to be a vegetarian. :P

Men's Journal describes Corvallis as a mix of Hewlett-Packard high-tech and low-tech bikes and Birkenstocks, surrounded by the Pacific Ocean to the west, Mount Hood to the north and the Cascades to the east.

I love living in a college town, lots to do & a great place to raise a family, my heart is in Corvallis for sure!;)

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I am happy to report we are not far behind you. According to the same article Lee's Summit, MO. is rated 2nd in Missouri and 44th in the Nation. Our population is listed at 80,000 but I think we are closer to 85,000. We have had the highest growth rate in MO. for some time. (It is growing too fast for this old country boy.)


OOPs did it again. I did not log Janet out and me in on her computer.

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I had hoped to stop in to meet you when I visited my daughter last month, but my visit was too short and we ran out of time. We did get to the Choinard winery, though -- my favorite one, so far.

I'll be back out your way next year, and will try to arrange something then.

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I have to chime in for #5 on the 10 Best Big Cities list,

America's Finest City, San Diego,CA.

You can't beat the climate. You can lay on the beach in the

morning and play in the snow in the afternoon. Arts, sports,

recreation - it's all here.

I had to laugh when I read the Money site. The 25 Highest

incomes - California only had 7 cities. But the Highest priced

houses, 24 out of 25 were in California. So you can enjoy

the weather, but you cannot afford to buy a house...

But we love it here.:cool:

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