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CAMP SONRISE - pics edited with names


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Thanks Meg for posting the photo, and thanks to Heidi for labelling it! That was, pretty much, our only sunny 5 minutes of the whole time we were there.

I had a great time & loved meeting all who attended. Everyone was so willing to share - quilting experience & knowledge, funny stories etc. Thanks again to Deloa & Jessica for being such gracious teachers, Sandra for all the goodies you brought for us & to Heidi & Charlotte for organising the whole event.

I finally had time this week to quilt something of my own & did it all from the front of the machine! Not perfect but I'm pleased with it as a first piece. I'll post a pic when I photograph it tomorrow.

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I have been working from the front of the machine too. I have practice fabric on right now and want to try to do something with metallic thread and then I will put a table runner on and quilt that from the front again.

It actually is faster from the front.

I am feeling more confident than before.

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