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Longarm as a Hobby

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I bought my machine to use as a hobby. Don't let anyone discourage you if you want to have a business. I believe if you are good at this, the business will come your way. I am an older woman and at a place in my life where I can indulge myself. So, therefore, I have a longarm quilting machine. Had quilts done by an excellent longarmer (Vicki Shoup), but she has retired from quilting for the public. Took quilts to another longarmer and I was very disappointed. Two of them were ruined. Tried to talk (I hoped tactfully) about my disappointment and she told me if people did not like the way she quilted they could go somewhere else. My husband (who has many, many woodworking tools) suggested that I buy a machine and see if I couldn't do a little better than the last longarmer who quilted my quilts. Have been practicing on muslin and a Church lets me quilt on quilts they are doing for homeless and other charity groups. I feel so lucky to have these quilts for practice and try to do a good job on them. Have to do some frogging, but that is all part of the learning process. If I were younger, I would probably try to do quilts for pay (eventually), but am enjoying using my machine as a hobby. Just become the best you can and business will come your way. Good luck and God bless. Don't let anyone discourage you.

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