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Large area of skipped stitches

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Mine did something like that too. We found that my hopping foot was not set up high enough. In fact it was almost on the plate when there was no quilt in the machine. Also, my machine was out of time. Once that was fixed my Millie quilts like a dream - no problmes.

I'm sure there are other reasons for the problem, but that is what fixed mine. Hope this helps. Good luck I know how frustrating that can be.

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Hi Cassandra

You need to find out whether its just in sr mode or not.

If you are stitching along and the machine seems to want to hesitate when it makes those long stitches or if there are NO needle holes where the stitches should be then you need to adjust the rubber wheel on the encoder box to be closer to the carriage wheel. Move the machine in sr mode sideways along the table and then back to front to determine which encoder wheel needs adjusting. Most likely it will be the one on the carriage. If thats the problem you need to loosen the gold bolt that goes through the encoder box and the carriage wheel a little and push the chrome plate on top of the encoder box closer so the rubber wheel sits more into the groove of the carriage wheel.

If you are getting stitch holes where the stitches should be then you more than likely have a needle adjustment or timing issue. Thats unlikely if you haven't jammed the needle or broken a needle. If thats the case check your manual or call the factory.

Good luck

Sue in Australia

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