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Caramel Puff Corn

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OK all you Moxies who wanted the recipe:

1 Bag of Hull-less popcorn, I used Chester's Puffcorn Butter Flavor (purchased at Wal-Mart)

1 Cup Brown Sugar

1/4 Cup White Corn Syrup

1 Stick Butter (1/4 Lb)

1/8 tsp. Crearm Of Tartar

1 tsp. Vanilla

1 tsp Baking Soda


Spray large roasting pan with Pam and empty bag of puffcorn into it.

Combine Brown sugar, corn syrup, butter, and cream of tartar.

Heat this mixture until it comes to a boil, (Medium Heat). Boil 5-6 minutes until candy thermometer reads 250 Degrees.

Stir in Vanilla and Baking Soda. Stir well.

Pour the mixture over the puffcorn in baking pan. Stir well. Bake in oven at 225 for one hour, stiring again every 15 minutes. Stir after taking out of the oven so it doesn't clump togerher, Enjoy!

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