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Hi Ladies,

I was saving for an APQS machine but bumped into a used deal for a nolting fun quilter(18in) on a 12 foot table for 5K and I knew I would never find an APQS machine for this so I bought it. I hope to trade up if I can get good enough.

I would like to take some classes. The idea of going to a show and taking classes thrills me, but I am so inexperienced that I am afraid it would be a large waste of money. Plus, at shows you have to use other machines don't you? I know technique is technique but it seems it would be best to learn on your own machine. Can you suggest any videos or online classes that you liked? I looked at longarm university, has anyone tried their classes? Would it be worthwhile to try a show? Thanks for the input.

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I took the Longarm University beginner's classes over three days in 2004--actually attended classes at Cindy Roth's home. Now there are on-line classes available. My advice would be to put the word out here asking for someone in your area who is willing to teach you one-on-one. Where are you located?

Don't be afraid of classes, but realize that hands-on classes are very expensive and taught on other brands of longarms. Regular classes for beginners are usually about starting your business and building a customer base. On the other hand, beginner design classes are very beneficial and you will come home with lots of ideas to put to use.

If you are looking for beginner's instruction, best to find something like a DVD that is machine-specific. Or at least where the frame configuration is the same. It's hard to learn on an APQS if the instruction is geared towards a Gammill.

Welcome to the forum and keep asking questions.

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Just post your location here and I bet there is some forum member near you.

Ask at the LQS or local guild.

Start your own group.

Book someone (like Myrna!) for a beginner class at your studio. If you can get together others for the class as well, usually the host gets a freebie or a reduced fee. Doesn't have to be a beginner's class either--many instructors with many levels of teaching are available.

Google longarmers in your state/area and contact a few to see if they have classes.

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