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New Bliss Won't lock so I can't move front to back


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I received my Bliss and machine (in for a tune up) from the service center. Got it all installed yesterday. I can't lock the machine so it won't move from front to back. I need this feature especially now since it glides to easily. I what to anchor the top to the backing and batting.

The machine will lock so it won't move from left to right.

Any ideas on what I should do?

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Until I can speak with someone from service, I pinned the batting and rolled it all the way forward so the needle shaft would run along the front bar. Worked like a charm. I could see that there were several lookers at the post but no suggestions. Thanks for reading my post.

Have a great evening!!!


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I left you a voicemail on your answering machine earlier this evening. First I know that you were used to the older style of channel locks on your table, which would "bite" very firmly when engaged. However, the new Bliss channel locks are really meant to be "resistors" rather than true "locks". That is to protect the steel bearings and wheels from developing flat spots.

If you stand on the pantograph side of your machine, and look at the left side sewing head axle, you'll see the encoder box for the sewing head. The channel lock for your front-to-back motion is located on the large wheel next to that black box. You'll see a "sprocket" with lots of teeth on the wheel, and a small little "swing arm" that moves into the sprocket when you activate the vertical channel lock button.

Test the action of that swing arm by using the vertical channel lock button, and confirm that it does in fact move into one of the little teeth on the sprocket. If it does, then the locking mechanism itself is functioning properly. If it doesn't, try unplugging the small white connector that comes out of the little cylinder under the wheel (it looks like a "C" battery) and travels up to the encoder box. Then plug it back in to be sure it has a good connection. In addition, try the function from both the front and rear handles to rule out a switch problem.

However, if the little swing arm does engage into the sprocket, then try pushing the machine forward and watch the large wheel carefully. If the wheel continues to "rotate" on the carriage as you move the machine, then the channel lock is still not quite right. However, if the wheel doesn't rotate itself, but instead "slides" along the rail (it will be locked but can still skid along the rail due to its smooth surface if you push hard enough) then the lock is doing its job.

Try using a lighter touch than you may have been used to with your previous locks to avoid causing the M&M wheel to slide on the carriage. If it truly slides easily (but isn't rotating) with the channel lock engaged, we may be able to add a washer strategically to put a little more pressure on that wheel than the other wheels. We can chat about that tomorrow after you've had a chance to do some testing to see what's really up. Keep me posted!

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