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I have occasional long areas of skipped stitches, holes from needle. I am using superior so fine variegated thread and prewound polyester bobbins. I am using the SR and 10 stitches/inch. I have replaced the needle 4.0, loosened the top tension, checked the hook assembly for abrasions and checked the needle placement. What else could possibly be wrong.

I need to finish this quilt ASAP...and Barb is down under!!


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If you are getting holes from the needle, but no thread in the holes, you'll need to check your timing. When the needle bends too far from the hook the tip of the hook can't find the thread loop behind the needle on every rotation. That's what causes the skipped stitches. They will be most evident when pushing the machine away from you on the needle side, or pushing it to the left.

Check out the timing video to help you:

If you adjust the hook a bit closer to the needle that will help. Send me an email if you're still struggling....there are a couple more things we can check!


APQS Customer Service & Education Director


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Could the position of the needle (i.e. turned too far to the left) cause skipped stitches as well? I have not broken any needles and I keep my machine very clean and oiled.

Sandy G

APQS Lenni

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