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Customer says her quilt was 3" off!


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I've been quilting for a woman for a few years now and never have I had a problem. When I sent back five of her quilts, she called me and said that her favorite (one that she paper pieced) was 3 inches longer on one side (I'm hoping she exaggerated). I haven't seen it yet. This is a first. I floated the top and as I was rolling it, made sure that both sides were evenly distributed, as well as the bottom being in line with the belly bar. Any thoughts as to what could have happened? In any event, I've ordered new canvas.

Another question I have is, a few quilter friends of mine pin their fabric starting at the top and then the bottom. Do any of you do this and could this eliminate any possible problem?

Thank you.

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I would think if it was off by that much, that you would know it! The only way this could happen is if your canvas is off kilter. But that would be a BIG kilter! There is no way that this could happen to that degree without knowing it. Do you measure and check for square when you take the quilt in? If so, do you have an intake form that the client signs? If not, I would be sure and implement something for the future. Perhaps a meeting with the piecer is in order.

I have begun floating my tops recently and a pleased with the results. I do use my channel locks to keep all the blocks true prior to quilting. I used the pinning method successfully for many years as well. Either way should not make a significant differance if used correctly.

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Thanks for your feedback.

I do measure the tops, but never thought of having the customer sign off on the measurements. I am now going to begin taking measurements in the presence of the customer when she drops off a quilt and have her sign it. I'll then take measurements when it's done and have her sign off on that, too.

And this morning I did send the piecer an e-mail telling her that I want to see the quilt. Unfortunately, she sewed on the binding and she said it wasn't until she went to hang it on her frame that she saw it was off and that if she had known about it being off first, she could have fixed it. Well, if it's actually off three inches, that's alot of fixin'! Personally, I won't believe it until I see it.

But the thing that bothers me more is she called me last week to get prices on 5 other tops. I e-mailed her the prices a few days ago and haven't heard back from her and she always wants them done yesterday. So, in my e-mail I sent to her today, I casually told her I'd be willing to pick up the tops, back & batting and look at the problem quilt.

We'll see. It would be a sad thing to lose her as a customer, but I'll get over it My list of new customers never stops. As a matter of fact, I got calls from two new customers today that are coming over Saturday!

I'll let you know if I get to see the problem quilt and what the out come is.

Thanks everyone.


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Can somebody explain this to me?

I just can't get a picture of the problem in my head.

Is the client saying that the quilt top is 3 inches to the

right or left of the backing after it was quilted???

That doesn't sound right....if your backing shifted to the side

uder the quilttop, wouldn't you be quilting over the top of

your clamps?

Explain please, for this fuzzy old head of mine.

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I can't imagine that you wouldn't have noticed a 3" difference on one side and the corner would have been a mess....as you were getting to the bottom of the quilt that side would have been SO out of square that you would have had a heck of a time getting it sewn down and there would have been no question something was wrong.

Even if you were using the partial float method...loose at the top and the bottom still attached to the canvas leader you would have really noticed it when you got to the bottom...the one side and corner would have had a big balloon effect and then you would have had a bubble to deal with...

How does she put on her binding....does she trim out the quilt first and then attach the binding...if so then she could have gotten a little cut happy and what was a bit off could have been increased it by alot.

HOWEVER IF she puts the binding on and then trims out the quilt she still would have noticed that corner was out of whack before she was done...and I would have thought she would have called you right then and there because that ballooned corner would have been really really out of shape and she would have had a mess getting around the corner without trimming a mass amount. Either way she wouldn't have been able to get the binding on without calling to complain first.

Let us know when you get the chance to view the quilt....I'm courious at what you find.

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