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Sewhappy and Mary Beth,

I posted the following directions on the forum a while back. Let me know if you have any problems.

Most of todays computers have a program called Paint. It comes with Windows and you an find it by navigating to Start - Programs - Accessories - Paint.

Inside Paint, use your mouse to left-click File - Open - and locate your photo where it is stored on your computer.

Once the photo displays inside Paint, click Image - Attributes to see the current size of your photo. Anything bigger than 640 x 480 (or thereabouts) is hard to view on a post. But before you resize it, do a Save As to save the photo with a different name, like Ohio-star-640x480.jpg. This way you don't overwrite your original photo. As soon as you do the 'save as', the name at the top of the Paint window changes so you'll know what image you are working on.

Now to make this new one smaller. Still in Paint, click Image - Stretch/Skew.

The Stretch/Skew window opens. Notice the Stretch pane shows 100% for horizontal and vertical. Change those 100's to 25's. Click Ok.

Click Image - Attributes to see the new size of your photo. Adjust, if necessary. Remember that the 640 x 480 is just a guide. A little bigger or smaller is okay, too.

Click File - Save.

Post the resized photo to the forum.

You can do this sewhappy, I know you can. ;)

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