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My husband and I are going to start a quilting business and I hope sooner rather than later.  My question is what kinds of things are we able to get wholesale if we have a tax-id number?  I hope we get an APQS but we'll see.  I know we'll be starting with a used machine in the next few months.

I ask my question now because I don't want to start buying things now if waiting until we have a tax id number makes more sense.

Thank you,


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Yes, register your business and get a tax ID number at any time. If you have no business set up until next year you can still purchase merchandise now as long as it's dedicated and transferred to the business when you start. Realize though that if you buy wholesale you must use the product somehow in the business. 


You can set up accounts with most wholesalers when you have a tax ID number. Many companies will have a minimum purchase requirement for wholesale.


One company that offers wholesale prices without an ID is Fabric Depot in Portland Oregon. Available both online and in-store, you are required to purchase in wholesale quantities (whole bolts, boxes of needles and oil, etc.)

Superior Threads will set you up with a phone call and when you log on the site you view the wholesale prices automatically.

Checkers and EESchenck are wholesalers.

I'm sure there are many others, but those are the ones I'm familiar with.


If you can find a good deal (like a Joanns 50% coupon) to buy batting or a quantity of fabric, keep the receipts in a file to transfer to the business and make tax time easier.


It's a great adventure to set up a business and there's so much help available. Good luck with your search for a machine.



If you're anywhere near Seattle, I have a lead on an APQS Millie in Olympia for a great price.

My email is if you're interested.

Linda Rech

Finely Finished Quilts

Millennium on Bliss rails--hand-guided

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