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Rainbow thread - breakage

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Yesterday I practiced on my new lil MnM and everything went wonderful!!!

Today, I want to use Superior Rainbow thread on a spool with Bottom Line in a prewound bobbin. Top thread (Rainbow) keeps breaking.

I threaded it the same way as it was threaded to begin with........one hole in the back spot and three holes in the front spot ("spot" being those 3 holed thingies).

Any suggestions for using this thread? Thanks!!!!

btw - it is a brand new spool (not cone) and a brand new machine.

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Hi Laurie,

I just had a struggle with Rainbows thread and got the following ideas from Grammie, Caron and a couple others.

First, since you are using spools vice cones, are you using the Hartley spool holder on top of your machine or did you put the spool on the cone holder at the back of the machine? I have not had ANY success getting spools to run smoothly off the cone holder.

If using the cone holder, cut up a 3'inch square of batting and fold it so that it will fit in the thread guide loop above the cone holder. You want the thread to run thru this folded over batting. Before placing the batting in the loop, put a couple of lines of Sewer's aid in the middle of the batting so the thread will run thru it.

Use a MR4.0 needle. Smaller needle eyes may shred the thread.

Now you need a clock and an absolutely straight flowerhead pin. Imagine that the back of your machine is 12 noon. The needle of you machine would then be 6:30. Standing at the front of you machine, insert the flowerhead pin into the eye of the MR4.0 needle installed in the machine. Loosen the needle screw a bit while keeping the flowerhead pin in the needle eye and move the flowerhead pin to the left to 6:35. This is just a teeny-weeny adjustment. Tighten the screw. Give it a try. Don't forget to center your needle when you are done with the Rainbows.

I know it sounds wacky but it works. :)

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