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Bobbin Case Spring

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I just got my first Bottom Line prewould bobbins... did as Deloa suggested I ruffed up the bobbin case side a little so they wouldnt do whip lash when I stopped the machine.. Every thing went fine for 2 bobbins Now.. tho the thread is breaking ever 50 stitches or so.. and when I have to take the bobbin case out to get the thread back into the grooves, the stupid irritating little spring pops out of the case..

now once or twice a quilt I could handle but 12 times in a row .. in just a few min...

NO way.... I changed needles, cleaned machine, oiled, rethreaded, slowed down. sped up, and still break and pop, and yes I tried three differant bottom line bobbins.. and I had two bobbin cases...


Linda Susie

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I have the same problem with these prewound bobins and I'm looking forward to hearing a solution other than just not using them.

It's as if they are too full and the thread loops up inside the bobin case. If I pull off a bunch, about fifteen yards, and throw it away, then they work, but that's not a workable solution either.

I sure wish this program had a spell checker....I keep having to pick and choose my words to ones I know I can spell.


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I just finished a quilt using Bottom Line prewound bobbins (the clear plastic ones) and had absolutely no problem with the backlash spring. I did not roughen up the bobbin either. I always watch for that the bobbin is inserted correctly to spin clockwise .

The backlash spring inserted with the little fingers towards the bobbin and the tabs on the outside of the spring are in the slots of the bobbin case. If there is still a problem with whip lash when the machine stops then the 2 little tabs need to be bent more.

The only time I ever had a problem with the backlash spring was when I used a prewound Nymo bobbin and inserted it the wrong way to spin counter clockwise

I agree, a spell check would be nice. I use the cut and paste it to my email program , then spell check and paste it back in. A few extra steps but it works.

Jurgen, HoosierQuilts

Westville, IN


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Hi Linda,

Have you tried loosening your upper tension and even your bottom tension? When you get thread breakage always try loosening your tension, just in case it is a bad spot in the cone of thread...

We don't always try it or even think to, as you haven't changed anything, but that does not mean the thread hasn't changed or the batting ect...

Good Luck! Call me if you can't get it!

Connie Hurst

APQS Service

Has anyone started eating sweets and good things for the Holidays yet??? I like to think I am just getting ready for the cold, by adding a little extra poundage!!! LOL

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With the plastic-sided BOBs, we've found that one machine loves them and another machine (same model) hates them. There is no consistency. We've narrowed it down to the smoothness of the thread and having no friction on it. If one bobbin tension is set tighter, it seems to work better. Another useful hint is to take one of the cardboard sides from another bobbin and place it in the bobbin case underneath the BOBs prewound. That tends to work as a brake and stops the backlash.


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