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We had a great thread going with "What Music are you listening to?" while working in your studio.

Found a new CD at the local library and just had to bring it home. I'm instructed to listen to it at least 30 minutes a day for 30 days.

Self-Esteem Affirmations by Louise L. Hay

You might chuckle as you listen to and repeat these positive statements to yourself, but hey, even a little chuckle at yourself is a good thing.

Here are a few examples:

I have work that I enjoy.

My creativity is always in demand. (Love that one.)

I admire my mind.

I am inspired by life.

I am proud of all my accomplishments. are filled with positive energy!

~~ Eva H. "I know how to have fun!":P

Welcome to the garden fresh studio of Cucumber Quilting! Located just east of Prineville, not far from the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show.


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Years ago my then office job sent me to a workshop. The speaker did a segment on a job that you love. I recently found my notes on that seminar.....................guess what I am now living my dream! Working for myself, keep my own hours, get to be creative and just have fun. Whoooo Hoooo!

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