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Thread shredding, breaking and skipping stitches on my ultimate II

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Hi all!  I just purchased a used ultimate II machine last week.  So far it has been great, except every once in a while the thread will start to break or shred, and the stitches will skip.  It is not every time just every once in a while.  Does it sound like a timing issue?  I have checked for burrs, cleaned and oiled everything and changed the needle.  Tension seems to be just right The top thread and bottom thread have no loops peeking through.  I have done the drop test with the bobbin, and then set the upper tension after that.  I am using a cotton thread, maybe I need to hydrate the spool?  I have a brand new needle in place. I am fairly new to the long arm quilting world, and would really appreciate the advice.




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When the bushings go bad the needle bar moves opposite of the machine motion. When this happens, the hook will miss the loop of thread on the down stroke, because it may not be in it normal position. Just that little movement caused by the bad bushing will send the loop catty whompus. It will also shred the thread as well. With the loop being catty whompus, the hook might just catch the thread at it's mid point and thread it in half. Zeke

I did own one for 14 years. I know the UII inside and out. 916-689-4992.

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