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doesn't move sideways--jerky at best

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My Greenie moves smoothly up and back..........it tends to be sluggish next to the up take bar for back when trying to sew....it seems to catch then roll smooth then catch again........I'm having a challenge keeping my lines smooth-----the last 5-7 inches................... I have raised my bars and re-raised my bars............now what?

And my machine doesn't like to do sideways, ruler or not, very easy..............so is it me and not enough practice on this part or is there an adjustment?

I was trying to do a geometric type design on point..........it looks like cr--. and will need to be ripped out.




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Hey Tish,

Check your lower front carriage wheels and see where the narrow part of the offset cam is located. This will see how your lower wheels are adjusted for the side to side movement. If is gets tight and then smooth again, how far apart does that happen? If it happens over your round crosstubes that hold the table rails together, then try cracking the large nuts loose on the back of the table rails and move your machine across the table and then retighten the large nuts up...don't overtighten, just good and snug. Let us know how it goes... and if all else fails call in and talk to us incase you have a bad wheel or something, so we can get that handled for you!!

Take care,

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Hi Tish

Have a look at the levelling bar (the one without canvassing) to see if it is dragging on the thread cutter plate at any point along the table. It may need to be raised a little or might be bent.

Or is your table the same height front to back - you might check it lengthwise on both edges and check that the tension bar bolts in the centre of the table are level.

Good luck

Sue in Australia

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