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How should i quilt this?

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My wife finished these two Dr. Who quilt tops with the intention of doing a double sided quilt for my son.


I will be doing distinct custom quilting on each. The Blue Tardis quilt will be the top.


The options are as follows:

1. Quilt both separate with batting and thin backing and then quilt them together using SID.


2. Just make two separate quilts


3. Quilt both separate except for the border area and then quilt a border design and not worry about center area since each side is fully quilted in the center.


Both are Sam Hunter patterns.



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Interesting to see what you will decide. Using them in one quilt by quilting each side separately then putting them together to do the rest of the quilting could work but the design areas will not match up and I would want something to hold the middle of the quilt together. You will have to let everyone know what you decided.

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Merry Jo,


I'm going to do the third option and strategically Tac areas in the middle to prevent the middle from shifting.


I like how you quilted you Tardis. I would love to see how you quilted the evil robot!



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