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My Mili was operating correctly...As I was starting to stitch the next row in the pantograph, I noticed the machine not working correctly. Had long stitches. I did a sample stitch off to the side.

Stitching in regulated mode it stitched correctly going vertically. I tried the horizontal movement next which did not work. I also did a test in manual mode and the machine worked correctly. I think that tells me something is wrong with one of the encoders. I have Bliss on my 2004 Mili. i did put a call into APQS so I am sure I will be contacted tomorrow. But does anyone have a idea what went wrong? Thanks! LInda



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Check to see if the rubber wheel on the encoder is turning when you move side to side.  Next unplug the connector for that encoder and plug it back together it might be loose.  I did have a broken wire right at the connector where it flexes all the time several years ago but Amy said it wasn't a common problem.



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