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Morning, all.

I'm making a t-shirt quilt and have a varsity letter to include.  It is quite thick and I don't think I can quilt over it.  I'm thinking of sewing it on by hand after quilting....  Does anyone have experience with this?  Looking for advice/suggestions.  Thanks


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I would first fuse it to your quilt top. Then after you've quilted everything else ... take it to your DSM and hand-guide it stitch by stitch using a very large needle. You could do the same on your longarm but since you'll be turning the handwheel it's much easier to do that on the DSM.

I had a tshirt quilt that used sweatshirts with similar applique letters. I ended up quilting around them but not through them since they were already appliqued to the sweatshirt material.

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If possible, I definitely recommend putting the letter on after the quilting is finished.  That way the area underneath the letter will be fully quilted and you don't have to worry about running over the letter with your longarm machine.  You should be able to fuse the letter in place and then stitch down the edges on your regular domestic machine.  Good luck!

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