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Thread shredding / fraying only from right to left

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I have a new Lenni, she's barely 2 months old. My machine stitches perfectly most of the time ... except when I stitch from right to left in a straight or semi-wavy line. I can't go very far before the thread inevitably shreds and then breaks.

I'm using Superior So Fine #50 on both the top and bottom, my needle size is a 4.0. My needle is turned to the 6:00 position. The stitches and the tension all look great until the thread shreds.

Is this normal ... something I have to live with, or is this something that can be fixed?

Thanks a lot for any help or suggestions!

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It is not normal, and others with more experience can tell you what to look for. I know I have read other posts and they talked about what to do.  The forum has a search feature, top upper right corner.  If you drop in shredded thread I think they will come up. Hope you find an answer. Cagey is great for attaching the answers, but my skill set (lol) is not there. 

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You don't have to live with it and it definitely can be fixed.  First call your dealer, my thinking is this should be looked after by APQS since the machine is so new and it sounds like it left the factory this way.  I suspect the hook needs to kiss the needle a little more passionately (when you see the timing video you will understand) because what you describe is classic needle flex.  As a temporary fix try rotating the needle a little clockwise to what we call the 6:35 position and a shorter stitch length might help as well.  Here is a link to timing but as I said I don't think it should really be your responsibility on a new machine unless you did something to cause the problem like jamming a rag in the hook while the machine is running.  Been there. Done that.


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