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Charging for quilting-Ranting and Raging

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Hey Judy I was thinking about you lately. Someone had one of your quilts up on a show and tell on another forum and said you were the quilter.

Your posts have always been very inspiring to me. I have been trying to follow you advice. I just found out last night that a quilt I quilted for a friend won a third place ribbon in the Albquereque Fiber Arts Fiesta in the small innovative category. None of my three personal quilts won any ribbons but I did hear that my huge bright log cabin quilt was hung in a very promant spot and the crowd just loved it! I am just gonna keep at this and maybe on day my quilting will be at a place where I can compete in the bigger shows. I have heard that this show had enteries from as far away as Alaska.

Glad to hear that your business is back up and running again.

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