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Help!!! I am going to make my first weighted blanket for my best friends soon he is autistic so I need the best weight and washable

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I made one for my nephew....his dad bought some washable plastic beads online.....how much is needed depends on the weight of the child....my nephew wanted me to use slightly more as his son is eight and growing...but not too much....if you goggle weighted blankets...you should find some guidelines on how much weight per pound of person......I used just regular quilting cotton....I did put a thin batting in and that would be the soft side of the blanket as you can feel the beads.....I can't remember the exact measurements.....but I made channels in the in the quilt leaving one end open.....we used a tube at first to put the beads into the end of the channel....then as I had marked equal distances (think I used 6 inches)...I would stitch across to close the squares.....I used a walking foot and you have to careful to get all the beads at the bottom of each pocket as you stitch as you do not want to stitch over a bead.....I hit one and broke a needle...so you need to feel with your fingers that you are not going to stitch over a bead...I found you can also stitch into a bead and stick it right to the seam......it is also really, really good if you have another person to help you with filling the channels with beads and also to help while you stitch the blanket as it really does get heavy and hard to move around.  I did find several tutorials online and their is a number of ways to make them....I choose the channel method as it seemed simpler than making individual pockets and as we were using washable beads....the blanket still could be washed....I would use a stronger thread also...I think I also used a small zigzag stitch as It would be stronger......good luck...Lin   Oh...I forgot....I used a kitchen scale to figure out how much beads to put into each of the channel squares to get the right weight.....

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Thank you so much I am doing 5 squares of cross stitch with owls on them and his name I am doing all this by hand so no machine (yea me lol) could you please send me the link to the place you got your weight from cuz to me it's difficult to find...... Mason is 13 and has never had this type of thing before so so pls send me the link to get the weight and when it is done I will post pictures

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