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Bobbin Winder Tension

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My question is how much tension should be applied to the thread on the APQS bobbin winder? If someone can tell me the number of threads showing on the adjustment knob, or if you have the Towa Tension Gauge, can you measure the pull on the thread. I have mine set to about 200-215 on the gauge.



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Here is Angela's video;https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNgebpEbG5I , the information you seek is around 40 seconds into the video.  Looking at the threaded post, the knob looks to be about flush with the post.  

As a bobbin/bobbin case is not in the TOWA gauge, I am not sure how you can get an accurate reading using it to measure tension on your bobbin winder.  In any case, I do not believe the actual tension matters all that much.  As long as the tension is not so tight that the thread is being shredded or breaks, I think it will probably wind the bobbin just fine and as fully as it can.  I do not believe you are ever going to be able to wind a bobbin as tight as the pre-wound bobbin companies can.  

The only other time, that I have heard that the speed and tension is important when winding your bobbin is when you are winding your bobbin with monopoly thread.  This is because if wound too tightly at too quickly, the thread with stretch and pick up the wrap of the bobbin.  When it then comes off the bobbin, the thread contracts and it is next to impossible to get a constant tension/balance between the top and bobbin thread.  As I do not have a turbo winder, I have not idea how it winds monopoly.  I reduce both the winding speed and the tension when winding monopoly on the bobbin using my homemade bobbin winder.  

Best of luck to you.


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