Has this happened to anyone?

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Has this happened to anyone. I turned off Lucey. 10 minutes later went back to take out the bobbin and oil her. The needle wont lift. It wont move at all. I got the needle out and the bobbin and still nothing. I checked to see if anything got unplugged. Dont know what else to check, Ill call in the am, but thought someone here might know what to do. Just took off a customer quilt, loaded another, then took it off and thats when it happened. This is such an awesome machine. I have been quilting the last 3 or 4 quilts without the stitch regulator. Really distraught about this, but I hope its a simple solution to the problem. Need to load another quilt. Thanks to anyone that can help.

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I don’t know about the fuse(s) on your machine. When they build machines to Canadian standards the motor is fused separately.  I realize you are in the States but maybe the build them all the same now to make production simpler.  Also check the brushes and blow the carbon dust out of the motor but make sure there isn’t a quilt anywhere near the machine when you do this.  The dust gets everywhere.  The instructions should be in your manual.  A new brush is usually about a half inch long and recommended replacement at three eighths.



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