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Help. I’m having trouble with an error on my Millemniun/CompuQuilter. I keep getting the error when I’m trying to  execute a stitch out. The error that keeps coming up is run motor not in the on position when it is, after I OK that one I get a second error that needle is not in the full up position when it is. Has anyone had this trouble and how did you fix it.  Thanks for your help in advance .

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Hi Peggy.  Zeke here.  Check your red button on the little black box on top of your machine. If canfeel a small click while depressing it, then most likely it has broken.  It should have a smooth depression.  You also might to take the top off the machine and see if all the wires are secure and not loss or not connected.  


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APQS Ultimate I/Compuquilter


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