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2007 Lenni for sale - updated price and information Central Pennsylvania PICKUP ONLY $5,000

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2007 Lenni for Sale with 10 foot table and EXTRAS! $5,000 

I'm the 3rd owner for this machine. I bought it near the end of 2010 from a lady in Boyertown, PA. She bought it to use it for personal use off  a lady who bought it new from APQS to start a business I believe which didn't happen. She sold it because it was too much for her and she needed the room. I know she told me she had it serviced by the PA APQS rep before selling it to me.

. I had 2 or 3 people who took lessons on it with me, but then never rented time on it.  So I have used it for some quilting while I had others on my large frame. It has been well maintained and used by me for maybe a few dozen quilts.

I bought this machine as a second machine ( I have an older Milie) with the intention of starting a long arm rental business in a rented place. That never worked out in this area. I had 2 ladies take beginning lessons on the machine (where I was with them continually) but then never had anyone rent time on it. So I used it to work on quilts the few days I was at my store since I use my Millie for everything. After I closed my store in the fall of 2013, I set the machine up at home in case I got custom quilts that needed to stay on my larger frame for a time so that I could work on other quilts. I did use it a bit, but not enough to warrant keeping it (a dozen or so quilts at the most). It has always been in a place where it was heated and air conditioned. I maintained it and oiled it when used. The past year especially it has not been used as I have been dealing with breast cancer since the beginning of the year. now that I'm getting back to somewhat normal and starting to get back to work, I realized that it's better to sell this machine to someone else.
You can look on the APQS website for the specs on the machine which is close to my machine. I know they changed the handle design. I know I have an original brochure and picture somewhere that I can take a picture of and send to you if you like.
I did update the table and carriage system sometime in 2011.  The current table is black with one piece rails and an IQ carriage system. I didn't want to spend $3,000 to upgrade to the Bliss table and system and this was a less expensive alternative. It runs smoother that the original table and I haven't had problems with it.

When I closed my store and disassembled it, I set it up in my family room (first picture, machine on the left). I then took it down for space and later reset it back up in a spare room ( second picture). Then my son moved back in temporarily after college and down it came again. Now I don't want to reset it back up since I mainly use my large machine for the little quilting I still do.  


Elysburg, PA


APQS 2007 Lenni longarm quilting machine

This is my SECOND long arm machine. For those of you that remember my store, this is the machine I had set up there.

It is just sitting, having taken it apart last May after being reset back up in my home. It's a shame because it is a wonderful, high quality machine for someone.

It is on a 10 foot table and includes extras such as the base for doing ruler work, zippered leaders with extra sets for quilts, a new brake system, horizontal spool holder, micro drive handles, extra bobbin cases and bobbins.

The pictures  show the last quilt I quilted on this machine and the machine on the left when it was set up in another room.


I'm asking $5,000  PICKUP ONLY.

If you have any other questions or interest, please contact me through here or the following:


570-259-2008 (please leave a message as I get way too many junk calls any more)


Thank you!



Lenni Family Room.jpg

Lenni Spare Bedroom.jpg

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Roseann M. Noll

Phoenix Rose Quilts

Elysburg, PA

Pellon Legacy Regional Long Arm Batting Distributor

Check me out on Facebook under Phoenix Rose Q

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I truly apologize for not responding to any of the above inquiries.  I honestly did not get on the APQS site since early 2020 before the world shut down. March 13th was the day I learned,  I  had to deal with 2 college age daughters who got sent home from college due to Covid  (one being her Senior year and one her freshman year). I also had an unexpected medical surgery needed during the height of Covid which took me all summer to recover from. Throw in my father-in-law suffering a stroke and well you get it.

My machine is currently set up (yet again in a spare room). Since I posted this I have done maybe 2 or 3 more quilts on it). I have enclosed the latest pictures of it.

I do have a current inquiry about it as the gal got in touch with me through my gmail account. I'll post current status after she gets back to me.

Sorry again everyone. Glad to be rid of 2020 and get back to some type of normal in 2021.

Lenni1  2021 .jpg

Lenni2 2021.jpg

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